Yvonne Nelson: I Cried When My Boyfriend Left


Source: Yvonne Nelson/Twitter

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has shared tales of her yesteryears, including how she cried when her boyfriend left her school.
In a series of tweets, the screen diva touched on her high school boyfriend abandoning her and combining university with her acting career.
Read the tweets below:

“Used to jump my mum’s wall to go out and club…now I don’t even feel like unless I’m paid to be there #life#priorities”

“I remember how I cried when my crush/boyfriend left my school to another school. #highschoolblues”

“I remember how challenging it was combining university with acting….#toughestthingever”

“I remember how I used to think about fried yam when class was on….how I couldn’t wait to close from school and get the yam #yamfocus”

“I remember how I used to miss accounting lectures all the freaking time because of this really wicked teacher #SSSheadaches”

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