You Got To Have Sex With A Woman Before Marrying Her – A Plus


A popular Ghanaian proverb translates as, quite literally, that ‘the truth dier, it’s only one’.

Sex is one of the biggest parts of any relationship and considering that marriage is supposed to be for life, it makes zero sense to blindly jump into one taking it on faith that you and your partner are going to be s*xually compatible.

So the gospel truth is what A Plus has said, although many Ghanaians who already have sex before marriage would hypocritically come and condemn him.

The married rapper was a guest on Yvonne Okoro’s show when he was asked about his views on s*x before marriage.

“Every Christian believes in his church doctrines and I am a Christian in my own church and In my church, we believe that before you buy a car you have to test it, you don’t just have to go and carry a woman and marry her.” he said.

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