You are Special ‘Second Edition’ Launched


We still have a long way to go in supporting and spreading the education on female reproductive health and menstrual hygiene,  says the founder of Speciallady Awareness Foundation,  Elizabeth Amoaa, who will be visiting Ghana with her team again, as part of her ongoing campaign towards the awareness on women reproductive health issues.

Although, many agencies have been tackling these issues, there seems to be quiet a large amount of people who still miss the education on these unspoken topics.

Therefore, many women and young girls suffer in silence amidst derogatory comments from uneducated friends, family and society.

Her mission is to be the Voice of the Voiceless, so she uses her story as a motivational tool to encourage her audience to seek the necessary medical care and support.

She will be joined by a famous Ghanaian Actor, Kweku Elliott, to visit communities, schools and hospitals.

They will be visiting Wiamoase in Ashanti Region, Adumasa in the Eastern region and Amasaman in Greater Accra region.

The Team will be joining Wiamoase Diaspora Group (WDG) for their Homecoming in April 2020, where they will launch their grande Library Project during the Easter period.

The Wiamoase citizens in the diaspora, have decided to build this library and conference hall to boost education and create an environment for learning. One of their mission, is to help the next generation with a solid foundation towards their educational aspirations.

In 2017, a thirty two seats ultra modern toilet facility was commissioned by Wiamoase Disapora Group.

Also, they donated an ambulance, offered free health screening to thousands of elderly people and children as well as free national health insurance cards.

During Speciallady visit in April 2020, Ms Amoah, intends to donate sanitary towels, medical supplies, toys, clothing, children storybooks and health books worth thousands of pounds.
Despite her extensive yearly donations in communities and educational institutions, she educates her audience on gynaecological conditions and their management.

Additionally, this tour will be supported by Kaya Tours Ghana, ICANN Brand Event Innovation, JSA Associates, Lexta Ghana (Yazz Products) and Koodoo.


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