You Are Obstructing Me!

….Amidu Yelled At Journalist.

It appears the Special Prosecutor (SP) is gradually becoming a tin god as every critic is summoned to his yet to be furnished office.
Men and women of different profession, including reporters have allegedly been summoned over publications.
A reporter who is allegedly accused of obstructing investigation, has been summoned for interrogation. His website developer was first summoned.
It is unclear, how reportage can obstruct one of the nation’s experience lawyer cum politician’s investigations.
The upper East based reporter, who doubles as a nurse, is reported to have carried series of stories in which the special prosecutor is unhappy with.
As of press time, the said reporter, was on his way to Accra. Although, the reporter is unwilling to speak to the matter, it appears his sympathizers are at a loss and unhappy over the invitation.
The reporter per available information, has over the years fought for the voiceless albeit on the quite.


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