Yemeni With Multiple Passport Threatens Defiled Victim

By Patrick Biddah

A Yemeni national, Omar Mamoud Mohammed, accused of defiling a 14 year old, has threatened to kill the victim and her relatives.

According to Lawyer for the victim, Mr Justice Abdulai, the accused has confidently threatened to wipe out the victim and his relatives, if they continue to pursue him for justice to be brought against him.

At a press conference in Accra to narrate the incident which happened in December last year, the lawyer, said all the evidence which are captured in medical reports has been presented to the police for action but the suspect who was first arrested by the Madina Police after when was transferred from the Kwabenya Police has been granted bail.

The victim, 14 year old Anud Jibril Yusif Alsalami, who is also a Yemeni national and said to be the granddaughter of the suspect was intoxicated with a substance before being defiled, while on her way to school.

According to the lawyer, it baffles him as a legal practitioner the inability of the Police  to prosecute the suspect, despite evidence presented to them .

He said, not even a petition to the Police Criminal Investigation Department, has seen to a start of prosecution.

The suspect who appears to be very influential was granted bail by the Madina Police and left the jurisdiction, only to appear months later with alleged mercenaries who fired guns shots in open air apparently to scare the victims.

The gunshots which was captured in a video and played to the press conference saw men sitting on top of car bonnets .

The lawyer, has therefore called on the National Security to move in to deal with the alleged mercenary brought by the suspect, explaining that the life of every Ghanaian is   at risk in view of the fact that the guns shown in the video are said to be  sophisticated which should not be handled by individuals but the security services.

At the press conference, the lawyer displayed biometric data of the suspect who has Passports of countries such as Benin, Chad, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and that of the Central Africa Republic.

In all of these passports, are different names and different dates of birth.




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