Yale Vice President Visits South Africa


This month Pericles Lewis, Yale University’s Vice President for Global Strategy and Deputy Provost for International Affairs visits South Africa and other countries on the continent.

During his visit, Lewis will meet with important partners, alumni, friends and colleagues. Together they will further grow and deliver on the promise of the Yale Africa Initiative (YAI), an ongoing effort by Yale to prioritize and expand upon its collaborations on the continent.

During his trip to Johannesburg, one of the key agenda items for Lewis will be to visit faculty, students and administrators at the University of Witzwatersr and & Aurum Institute, a longtime Yale partner it has closely collaborated with to accelerate the pipeline of HIV/AIDS and TB researchers by developing mentorship and leadership capacity among mid-career scientists. Through the Clayton-Dedonder Fellowship for Research Leadership, which launched last year, Yale experts will build on multiple strengths in South Africa and at Yale, including the proven models for management and leadership education created by the Yale Global Health Leadership Initiative (GHLI).

During the trip Lewis will also pay a visit to the African Leadership Academy. Co-founded in 2004 by Yale alumnus Chris Bradford ’00, ALA is a two-year college preparatory school located in Johannesburg. Its core curriculum, based on the Cambridge A Levels, includes components that focus on building leadership and entrepreneurial skills, studying issues relevant to Africa, and encouraging team building and original thinking. The school enrolls 120 students, aged 16 to 19, annually from forty-five countries across the continent. ALA’s 737 graduates have gone on to attend several prestigious universities including Yale, according to ALA’s website


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