Yale University Extends it Young African Scholarship Programme by Five


By Gifty Arthur

Yale University in partnership with Higherlife Foundation has announced it has extended one of it programmes for Africa dubbed, Yale Young African Scholarship (YYAS) for another five year period.

The President of Yale University, Prof. Peter Salovey who announced this in Accra during his first visit to Africa this week said, the decision to extend the programme was out of the generosity of Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa, Zimbabwean-born philanthropists.

The gesture comes on the back of the successful implementation of Yale’s initial three year partnership programme with Higherlife Foundation.

The University said, it new five-year programme, will see an even greater and sustained commitment by the Foundation to further YYAS’s goal of training and mentoring the next generation of the continent’s higher school students leaders.

By this, YYAS during the period will offer a free academic and enrichment programme, that will help in achieving, low-income African youth prepare themselves for college and university.

“I am so thankful for the visionary support that Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa provide through the Higerlife Foundation to make the Yale African Scholars Programme Possible”, Prof. Salovey .

YYAS already has educated and mentored hundreds of students who will shape Africa and the world in the years ahead, and I have no doubt the programme’s influence will continue to grow”, Prof. Salovey.

Co-chair of Higerlife Foundation, Tsitsi Masiyiwa was pleased that YYAS was supporting the Foundation to develop a truly unique leadership programme and academic experience for some of the brightest young minds on the continent in the coming years.

“Through the YYAS experience and our shared commitment with Yale, I believe we have an exceptional opportunity to build a formidable education pipeline for African’s emerging student leaders”.

By summer 2018, the Foundation would have supported 900 African high school students to attend YYAS.

In addition to learning from Yale faculty, students, and staff during the summer session, YYAS participants become part of a robust mentorship network in which they are paired with local partner organizations, who help advise them throughout the university application.

The Higherlife Foundation was founded by Mr and Mrs. Masiyiwa to promote basic education among thousands of disadvantaged children and to support youth talent development by offering scholarships to gifted students across Southern Africa.

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