Would Simon Osei Treat Peter Amewu Harshly Was He From Eastern or Ashanti Regions?

It is simply amazing the level of insolence and disdain displayed by the Ashanti regional minister, Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah, towards the Lands and Natural Resources minister, John Peter Amewu.

The regional minister called the bluff of the Lands and Natural Resources minister, when he seized vehicles and equipments belonging to Exton Cubic Group Limited.

The unfortunate part of the embarrassing development is that, he had the presence of mind to ask the minister to call him and explain to him why Exton Cubic Group Limited was granted bauxite mining concession.

The intriguing angle to the saga, in our view, is the fact that, had John Peter Amewu, hailed from the Eastern or the Ashanti regions, will Simon Osei Mensah, behaved that way towards him?

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its agents have always seen and considered people of Volta and Northern extraction as subservient to them.

The harsh words and the spirited defense put up by the regional minister is not in isolation, it was the rule and not exception.

The party over the years, has tried to distance itself from the obvious fact, but the actions and inactions of its members, only goes to confirm what is already out there.

The action of the regional minister only betrays the mentality of members of the NPP.

Nothing and no one prevented the regional minister from calling his colleague minister and enquiring from him, why Exton Cubic Group Limited, was given the go ahead to prospect for bauxite at Nyinahini.

He instead as a show of power to undermine John Peter Amewu, went on air, virtually daring a cabinet minister.

We cannot call for equity, when some tribes or some individuals from certain tribes, feel more superior to others.

We have come a long way and have integrated very well, agents of the NPP, must stop looking down on others.

Simon Osei Mensah, must apologize to John Peter Amewu.


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