Worshippers to be thoroughly searched in churches in wake of recent terror threats


The National Association of Christian and Charismatic Churches (NACCC) has begun the implementation of a thorough search of people who visit churches to worship, ABC News Ghana can report. The move according to the NACCC is a security measure to protect other worshippers and the citizenry at large.

The move by the NACCC follows recent security reports that Ghana may likely face terrorist attacks, following a similar one in neighbouring Burkina Faso.

According to the reports by the Africa Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, the country’s security is under threat.

Their research has indicated that a Salati-Jihadist group in Burkina Faso has shifted its attention to Christian Churches in Ghana.

Mr. Paul Boateng who is the Head of Research at the Africa Centre for security and intelligence studies in an interview with Okay FM explained that the group is looking to mate religious tensions in Ghana and Togo.

In light of these recent developments, Spokesperson on security for the NACCC, Bishop Addai Mensah, speaking on Joy News’ PM Express said, moving forward, churches will start searching people who come to worship in order to safeguard their members from a possible terrorist attack.

“I believe strongly that every church  should start setting up security teams,
just like the ushering ministry, we should have a security ministry .
we should have people who are trained to look, people who have the eyes and the ears to look. You may lose a little bit of comfort but for your personal security, if you’re coming in and ushers check what is in your bag, you should be understanding” he explained in the interview closely monitored by ABC News Ghana.

Mr. Mensah urged worshippers to cooperate with the churches as this measure is rolled out to protect all


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