Worrisome Level Of Money Doublers On TV

The upsurge in the number of people on television stations promising to double money for people, calls for concern.

Answering questions during the Upper East Regional Town Hall Meeting in Bolgatanga, the minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, called on the Bank of Ghana (BoG) to take swift action on persons who are advertising on some television stations that they have the ability to double money for their clients.

It is common in Ghana today to see people, especially the youth, living large without visible means of income.

Some even can afford to have millions in their bank accounts and drive expensive cars without their parents and decent society asking questions. Such is the level of depravity that benumbs the moral fiber of the nation.

The country seems to be drifting away from the good old phrase of “dignity in Labour.” No one wants to get their hands dirty anymore. Even more worrisome is the negative perception this image creates about other hardworking Ghanaians, who break their backs to feed their families.

As a newspaper, we support every effort by the government to reign in the people who have made it their business to lure unsuspecting Ghanaians in their web of lies.

The present high value for wealth as yardstick for determining the status of individuals in the society seems to have worsened the plight of the youth.

The concept of work must be inculcated in the young ones. If Sexuality education is necessary, then we call on authorities concern to include certain values in the curriculum being thought in our schools.

It is our opinion that if not urgently nipped in the bud, it could do more damage to the moral fiber country.

The current rate at which pastors have taken over the networks is already doing enough damage to the image of the society, because all they teach about is wealth.

The minister of Information has spoken and given directive, we hope the Bank of Ghana and other allied state institutions will move to avert any calamity.



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