World Leaders Must Stand Against Terror Groups


At a time many well meaning people all over the world were celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we read with sadness and watched in horror, when the militant Islamist group Al-Shabab attacked the Garissa University in Kenya last week.

148 people have been confirmed dead during the senseless assault, with many injured. This is the second time in two years, when the group has taken people hostage at a public establishment; the first was the dastardly act at a shopping mall that led to the death of one of Ghana’s illustrious son, Prof. Kofi Awoonor, who was shot dead in the car park of a shopping mall in Nairobi.

This harrowing stories are becoming one too many and we are beginning to wonder, if these terrorists or fundamentalists are stronger than our collective will.
The Boko Harram in Nigeria since last year abducted school girls, in what has become known as the Chibok Girls attack, it is disheartening to recall that the girls are yet to be returned to their families.

How can militants operating in a country outsmart and outrun the security forces of that country that should have the map of the country on their finger tips.

It is annoying that people who prefer to use approved borders or points of entries go through hell just to cross our borders, yet we all sleep allowing these miscreants and social misfits to use unapproved points of entries to foment trouble in our countries.

Alqaeda is terrorizing innocent people in other part of the world, ISIS is also fomenting trouble elsewhere. These groups have been emboldened to the extent that they do not fear to be captured or identify as they post the beheading of their victims on the internet via the various social platforms that we have.

It is about time world leaders stand up and say No to these terrorist, who have arrogated to themselves the power to decide who lives or dies.

Why should the innocent citizens suffer for the inaction of the leaders?

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