Work Towards Reducing Title Registration From 7 Months Or More To Less Than 3 Months –Prez Mahama


By Maxwell Okamafo Addo

President John Dramani Mahama, has called for a significant reduction in turnaround time for title registration of lands in the country from the current seven months or more to less than three months, since it would be one of the indicators for the performance of board members of the newly reconstituted Lands Commission Board since they shall be measured by it

This was made known on March 18, 2014 on a speech read on behalf of President Dramani Mahama, when the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini swore in the newly reconstituted board of the Lands commission on behalf of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, at the Flagstaff house in Accra. The Board is chaired by Mr. Bakari S. Nyari

He said, our urban centre is gradually growing into big ‘villages’, and would personally follow with keen interest the ability to develop urban renewal strategies or projects to make our cities sustainably grow rather into megacities and not big ‘village’. He said the importance of land cannot be overstated.

He therefore called for the need for sustainable management and prudent administration of land both as a natural resource or heritage and a factor of production, therefore assumes critical urgency. Saying we need as a country to manage and administer our land resources well since they form the bedrock of our socio-economic advancement.

Adding that as board members they were very much aware of the enormous responsibilities that confront them in the next four years of their tenure, because it the fact that land administration in Ghana is bedeviled with too many problems. These he stated will require their serious and immediate attention as a board.

He further stated that he was convinced that as representatives from all the ten (10) regions of Ghana as well as key institutions such as the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, Bar Association, Town and Country Planning Department, Environmental Protection Agency, National House of Chiefs and Farmers and Fishermen Association. He knows they would deliver so that the public image of the Lands Commission which is not very good would improve

And as members of the Lands Commission at the apex level, they should be able to develop a cordial working relationship with the management of the Lands Commission to redeem the image as soon as practicable.

On behalf of his colleagues the board chairman Mr Bakari Nyari thanked the President Mahamafor the confidence that he has reposed in them and thanked him for his unflinching commitment to provide the appropriate oversight responsibility over the operations of the Lands Commission in a manner that will create the appropriate environment for the execution of its functions of the commission.

And wish to further to assure that they appreciate the magnitude of that responsibility and the challenges that go with it.

And are not unaware of the yearnings of many Ghanaians for the day when they can place their total confidence in the service they would provide in intermediating their land transactions, the day when the Lands Commission can guarantee them of the easier, faster and cheaper service.

Mr Bakari said they were mindful of the desires of Ghanaians and indeed Government, to eliminate the challenges arising from public land management such as encroachments and attendant demolitions that could be avoided by better collaboration between the commission and other stakeholders on the land scene and a higher citizen awareness of the need to protect state assets including land. Some of the Board members who were sworn in included Nii Okaidja Adamafio Nii Osah Mills rep of the Ghana Bar Association , Kumbo Na Yiri 11 from national house of chiefs , and others.

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