Wontum’s Behaviour Makes Ken Agyapong A ‘Choirboy’ In NPP


While, the Assin Central Member of Parliament (MP), Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, ran his mouth; accusing himself of being an evil genius, many knew his foolery knew no bounds. As for being evil, yes he was so very evil, but he will not go the way Bernard Antwi-Boasiako, alias “Chairman Wontumi has.

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), was a disaster waiting to happen. A bloke head, whorepresents the character of the party and its current leadership, has not disappointed himself when he was elected to that enviable position.

If you are a managing director, you manage and direct well, that is what the essence of being a Chairman means.

Chairman Wontumi, has distinguished himself very well in the area of buffoonery, I am tempted to believe his actions and utterances, are intended to cause disaffection for the flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

If not how does he explain himself to well-meaning and right-thinking Ghanaians, who want politics of issues and not politics of thugery.

What one sensible statement has Chairman Wontumi made ever since he won the election that puts him in the decision making process of the party.

Money is gradually eroding the gains , we have choked as a people and is giving way for people, who are better being observers, than active participants.

This guy was neither smart nor intelligent. An intelligent man, would not throw his hands at his party member and will not hire to launder his non-democratic credentials.

I am equally surprised at the statement, the acting Chairman, Freddy Blay made in Kumasi on Wednesday, when a High court granted bail to the riff raff.

When you touch Wontumi, you touch the NPP, is what Freddy Blay said. Was the statement coming from a part of his body, other than his mouth?

How can a Chairman of a political talk like that, where is our morality and commonsense? It seems Freddy Blay, has also relegated himself to talking and behaving like a foot soldier.

What it is about the NPP flagbearer that, anytime anyone disagrees with him, the person must be hanged to dry?

I harbour no personal grudges against this monumental disaster called Wontumi, but justice requires just recompense for such cosmic crime. Our Members of Parliament have not discharged their duties well, but we cannot reduce them to ridicule by allowing someone, who does not have what it takes to take part in any meaningful debate to slap them.

What Chairman Wontumi did was criminal, it was a behavior unbecoming of a politician, let alone a Chairman of a major political party.

He might revel in it because he is being hailed, but the day of reckoning will come. He claims to be a businessman, which serious business owner, will engage in business with someone, who don’t have self control.

Chairman Wontumi’s toxic foresight is unparalleled; this was a man, who accused the President and his younger brother Ibrahim Mahama, of thievery. He called them thieves, without any evidence.

The matter is in court and instead of him being remorseful; he is carrying himself, as if he owns Kumasi. Smart people, don’t behave the way he is behaving, smart people don’t behave in the manner in which he does, smart people avoid public ridicule, smart people respect themselves.

Wontumi is simply not smart, his behavior and utterances makes Kennedy Agyapong, look like a choirboy.

Kennedy Agyapong in a rather characteristic fashion has jumped to the defense of Wontumi, who has outdone him.

He said that, if he was the one, he would have done worse, and I asked myself Kennedy Agyapong, apart from talking and bragging, do you have the temperament to slap?

When men are talking Kennedy Agyapong wants to be heard, when men are taking action, he still hides behind his loud mouth.

If Kennedy Agyapong in his evil majesty, desires to also start beating people, he should look at Chairman Wontumi’s cookbook.

The NPP, must extricate itself from people like Chairman Wontumi and Kennedy Agyapong, as Pastor Mensah Otabil, will put it they are bad company.

A leader reflects his or her followers, when a leader is violent, the followers, will be violent, if a leader is peace loving, his followers will put peace first.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who was just awarded a PHD in Law is South Africa, live a double life. When in public he pretends to be a democrat, but he is a dictator par excellence.

I do not know the criteria for these awards, but the timing for Nana Addo’s award, does not sit well with me. His party is in turmoil, the Constitution of his party has been usurped. Elected officers, have been suspended for no apparent reason, dissent in the party is seen as being against the party, people are afraid to publicly speak the mind, and such a person deserve a PHD in law?

We have so many universities in Ghana, which have the capacity to proffer such awards, how come Nana Addo, is being awarded in South Africa?
His regional chairman, is publicly disciplining people in his own party, he does not see eye to eye with, Nana Addo, has remained silent on these unfortunate happenings.

With the benefit of the internet, one does not need to travel far to look for information, it is just a click away and the university in South Africa, cannot be oblivious of the happenings in Ghana.

This award is bought and paid for, it does not reflect the reality on the ground, for me to believe that, Nana Addo, is deserving of it, he should first condemn Chairman Wontumi, Kennedy Agyapong, and the senseless bravado in his party.

Time is ticking!

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