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– National Security Fires

Attempt by the beleaguered New Patriotic Party (NPP) Ashanti Regional Chairman to be an instant hero yesterday blew up in his face, as his claims that the National Security apparatus had invited him for interrogation and possible arrest, turned out to be a palpable lie.

Bernard Antwi Boasiako, also known as Chairman Wontumi, had planted in the Daily Guide newspaper a story purporting that the National Security, wanted him for questioning, over his treasonable comment at a rally in Obuasi recently.

Chairman Wontumi’s spokesperson, Yaw Adomako Baafi, had also told Joy News that the invitation to his boss is a “clear demonstration of the NDC Government’s intention to suffocate freedom of speech”.

But National Security outfit denied the NPP’s Ashanti Regional Chairman’s claims that he has been invited for questioning, saying he rather called into their offices, with some concerns, not the other way round.

Chairman Wontumi, two weeks ago, threatened to mobilize about two million residents of the Ashanti region, to demonstrate against the continuous implementation of the health insurance capitation programme, until the John Mahama government was overthrown.

The Daily Guide’s reporter I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr, based in Kumasi had yesterday claimed that the NPP Ashanti Regional Chairman has been invited by the
National Security on suspicion that he wants to cause an uprising in the country.

Below is the Daily Guide story which said the National Security, headed by Larry Gbevlo-Lartey, had ordered Wontumi to appear before it for questioning and possible arrest as at April 8, 2014 (yesterday).

Wontumi, according to a source close to him, received a phone call from the National Security on Friday, ordering him to report at their offices in Accra on Tuesday.

But the credible source told DAILY GUIDE that Wontumi would not report to the National Security offices as ordered.

According to the source, Wontumi believed that he had not breached the laws in anyway by vowing to lead the masses on a demonstration to kick out President Mahama from office for plunging the country into a state of hopelessness.

Wontumi recently threatened to lead a mammoth demonstration of millions of people in Kumasi and other parts of the country against President Mahama for mismanaging the affairs of the country.

The NPP chairman, who was addressing his NPP faithful at Obuasi, lambasted President Mahama’s administration for being the cause of poverty in the country.

He said the Capitation System of the NHIS, which was introduced by the NDC administration, was sending more people to their graves, noting that school fees were high and the country was without hope now.

Wontumi said he would lead the masses to hit the streets and put intense pressure on President Mahama until he stepped down as President to save Ghanaians from their ordeal.

The source said the National Security saw Wontumi’s comments as a clear attempt to cause an uprising in the country, hence the decision to invite the NPP top gun to their offices for questioning.

He said Wontumi did not see anything wrong with his comments so he would not honour the invitation, asking the National Security to do their worse.

Arrest Mahama
The source said Wontumi believed President Mahama should rather be arrested for mismanaging the country and causing hardship for the citizenry, which could trigger a possible uprising from the starving masses.

He noted that Wontumi even had plans of attending a crusade on Tuesday (today) so there was no way he would report to the National Security office, urging NPP fans and Wontumi’s loved ones to take heart.

Slaps Pratt
The source said Wontumi had taken note of Kwesi Pratt’s verbal attacks, and at the appropriate time, he would respond to it, adding that the NPP
Chairman was of the belief that if Kwesi Pratt had any advice to give, then he should rather admonish Mr Mahama to implement policies to avert the
hardship being inflicted on the populace.

The source said Wontumi would not shut up until the President worked hard to reduce the high electricity tariffs, high school fees and escalating fuel prices, which had made life unbearable for Ghanaians.

In a related development, Edward Ekuoko, spokesperson for Chairman Wontumi stated on Ultimate Radio in Kumasi that preparations for the demonstration are already underway and that the police will soon be notified.

He indicated that people “who think Wontumi just talks and never acts have to rethink their perceptions as the man is an “action man.”

“I can inform you that as I speak to you, he is in a meeting with his major executives of the party planning to send an official report to the Regional Police Commander telling him of their intention to hold the demonstration because he respects the Public Order Act and it’s funny when people think that Chairman Wontumi talks for nothing.”

He said “in the next two weeks, if things do not change, you are going to hear a date for a very massive demonstration that will come in series and week after week there will be demonstrations in the Ashanti region.

Edward Ekuoko dismissed suggestions that Chairman Wontumi would plunge the country into crisis.

“What people are missing is that, on the same platform, he mentioned that he is a Christian and a democrat and that he will not advocate any violence and that it is only the positive attitude of the Arab Spring that we will adopt,” he added”.

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