*Women’s Health Challenges : Women’s Formula To The Rescue*

By Dr. Chris Cole, Niamey

*Women’s health challenges include*, but are not limited to *gynaecological cancers* ( _breast cancer_, _ovarian cancer_, _cervical cancer_, *etc.*), *urinary infections*, *hormonal imbalances that lead to reproduction challenges*, *osteoarthritis*, *menstrual disorders*, *menopausal troubles* – *the list could go on and on*.

Approved by the *Food and Drugs Authority*, *Women’s Formula* can be used to treat *urinary tract infections*, *homone-related overweight conditions* ( _in association with a diet plan_), *alleviate the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance in women*.

*Women’s Formula*, *supports breast health*, *improves libido in women*, *has detoxifying ability*, *protects the kidneys* and *treats hypertension*, *diabetes* and *cholesterol problems in women*.

*Many I’m sure are beginning to wonder why a single herbal formula claims to treat all women’s health challenges*.

To answer this concern, *I would like you to know that the human body’s interaction with phytomedications is such that the body will absorb those components of the remedy in which it is deficient*. Those *components not needed by the body*, *in safe dosages*, *simply pass through the body without undue stress placed on any organ*.

*For those who have already been diagnosed and are receiving treatment*, *you can improve your clinical outcomes by integrating Women’s Formula into your treatment plan*.

*Once a women*, *you risk suffering any of the Women’s Health Challenges discussed*.



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