Wizkid Arrested For Smoking Weed


Wizkid need to watch his smoking habit; he’s just a young man so what’s the craze about smoking?

He was in Nairobi to shoot a video and performs in some shows in Kenya but things went ugly for him as he was caught smoking weed in a non-smoking hotel.

The hotel manager questioned him when he was about checking out, but Wizkid was claiming right because he paid hotel bills. Funny! There were serious argument and the hotel security had to call in the police.

When police arrived, they insisted Wizkid has contravened the law and must follow them to Capital Hill Police Station and put him on handcuff.

I hear Wizkid was eventually made to pay about Sh50,000 which is the stipulated fine the hotel charges for anyone who breaks their rules, especially smoking banned substances.

He was at the station for sometime. Victoria Kimani, one of the hottest chicks in Kenya, had been with him in his hotel room, hence she later intervened and Wizkid was released by the police.

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