My Wish List For 2014


I wish it will come to pass, and all the great things we wish for ourselves as a people will come to pass. But it behooves on the conscience how it continues to be an illusion that the greater majority of a country cannot rightly receive much redemption from poverty and misery, in the midst of plenty.

Below is my wish list for 2014.

1. I wish President John Dramani Mahama will reshuffle some of his non-performing Ministers, who are not even in the first gear. The grassroots of the party are complaining they want the President to move to the second gear; else they will disembark from the bus.

2. I wish that when that is done former President, Jerry John Rawlings will be made the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, so that for once, he gets the opportunity to prosecute all the people he has accused over the years of being corrupt.

3. I wish the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which is the governing party, will exhibit it social democratic tendencies, as things stand now, they look more capitalist than the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

4. I wish that in 2014, the President will walk his talk. The talking is becoming too many. Ghanaians need action, not rhetorics.

5. I wish that the current executives of the NPP, will be voted out of office and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the twice failed Presidential candidate, will be retired not by the NDC, but his own party. The country can do without him. His presence is a burden to the country and his party.

6. I wish that when the delegates of the NPP meet to elect a flagbearer, they will endorse Alan kwadwo Kyeremanteng, to lead them for the 2016 elections.

7. I wish that in 2014, we will as a nation, start protecting and recognizing our heroes, who have in diverse ways contributed to the development of this country. The national attitude where individuals who have sacrificed their lives for this nation, are left to attend to themselves when they grow old, is not a motivation to the young ones.

8. We need a new breeze of leadership, leaders who will keep his finger on the pulse of the nation’s basic needs, such as water, electricity, food etc.

9. We need leaders who will understand what Ghanaians need, but also what they need from them. Leaders that will get in touch with our people’s needs.

10. Leaders, who will continually ask, what is the mood of our people? What do they desire us to accomplish? What do they need from them?

11. We need a leader who will surround himself with people that will tell him the truth that he hates to hear. A leader that will ask key influencers, what they think before he takes any important decision.

12. In 2014, we need leaders, with the courage to risk, to reach and to put themselves on the line to seize an opportunity. Taking an advantage of an opportunity requires courage and presently, we don’t have leaders with courage.

13. My wish is that next year, personalities like, General Arnold Quainoor, with outstanding leadership qualities and courage of conviction, will not only be left on the peripheral, but their experiences tapped to help move this nation forward.

14. I wish that the President, will distance himself from the sycophants, who are only interested in lining their stomach and so will do everything to stay close to him.

15. I wish that next year, everybody or company that has taken any money from the Government that it does not deserve are made to face the full riguors of the law.

16. I wish that the politics that divide us will unite us.

17. It is my wish that, we do not only recognize John Agyekum Kufuor and Jerry John Rawlings as former Presidents, but we begin to use them, in our quest to woo foreign investors.

18. I wish that next year, The Minister of Trade and Industry, Haruna Iddrisu, will relax the ban imposed on the export of scrap metal. A window of opportunity should be given to dealers, to enable them make a living. A social democrat is one who is concerned about making sure, everyone is carried along, regardless of his social status, educational background etc.

19. I wish that in 2014, the government can move into tangibles, President Mahama must leave a legacy that will survive him after he has served his term. Five years after assuming office, the Government cannot boast of any tangibles.

20. I wish that the media, will decide what it wants to do with the media fund, but not Government deciding that we need laptops, which never got to some of us.

21. It is my wish that the NDC, will stop being a party that does not pay political debt.

22. I wish finally that 2014, will be better than 2013.

23. I wish that next year, the directives from the Presidency will be minimized. The directives this year is too much and the assumption is that the Presidency is deciding everything for the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)

May God, give us the strength and health to see the end of this year as we welcome another year.

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