‘Winner Takes All’ Dangerous For Ghana – Palmer Buckle


Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra Most Reverend Gabriel Palmer Buckle is predicting doom for Ghana’s current governance structure if the winner-takes –all system is not reformed to ensure inclusiveness and accountability.

This comes on the back of several calls from Civil Society Organizations (CSO) for major reforms to the current practice where political power and appointment reside in the executive president and is exercised for and on his behalf sometimes arbitrarily.

Speaking at a workshop on proposals for reforms to the system, which has been, described as divisive, the Archbishop who doubles as the chairman of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ advisory committee said the nation cannot continue to pretend the current practice is sustainable.

“The winner takes all has brought about a culture of polarization that if not addressed culturally and in the education sector, we run a risk of sitting on a cleavage that will leave us and this country in the shambles and we will all have ourselves to blame.”

He further urged CSO’s not to give up their call saying “please let’s keep on knocking at the doors that matter. If even we get no hearing, at least there is a documentary evidence, which one day somebody will point and say, yes, that was the group that wanted to see something done.”

Meanwhile, a former Commissioner of Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Justice Emile Short has explained that the winner takes all system affects development in the country.

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