Will The University Roads Groom Problem Solving Graduates


After the dust had settled on the inappropriate behavior of the University of Ghana, an unfortunate solidarity message is coming from the Vice Chancellors Association of Ghana, supporting what the UG is doing and rather condemning those who have taken it upon themselves to restore sanity and call the bluff of the university.

Not too long ago, an expectant mother Suweiba lost her baby at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), the hospital authourities were not able to give her any reasonable explanation about the whereabouts of the baby. The Ministry of Health, in living up to it responsibility to the general public, asked the authourities of KATH, a two weeks ultimate to come out with an explanation as to exactly what happened.

Then the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), waded in, in support of their colleagues by saying the Ministry had no right and that they were going to adhere to the United Nations (UN) patient to doctor ratio of six patients a day.

What is happening in this country, where workers unions are also becoming political parties and applying the maxim touch not our members, even when their actions are a threat to national security.

Our intellectual classes who are suppose to provide solutions to our problems are rather the ones creating more problems for the politicians to deal with.

Are these Vice Chancellors aware of the rankings of our Universities in Africa, much less the world and they think the best way for our universities to compete with other universities in Africa is by restricting access to their universities?

The UG has shareholders, these include students, who are affected on a daily basis by the decision of the authourities, the students are not in support of the university’s decision to restrict access to campus, yet their voice do not matter.

We need to call a spade a spade, instead of hypocritically defending a member who has gone astray.

Is this what will improve teaching and learning in Legon, is this what will produce quality graduates? These are the questions that should engage the attention of the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council, not who uses their roads.

For the past one month, this subject has refused to go because the UG brought it upon itself, is this the best use of our time. The man goofed and that
is all. If the Vice-Chancellors have any advice to give, they should first direct it to their colleague, before telling Government what to do.

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