Will The Electoral Commission Ever Be Allowed To Work?


The level of mistrust between political parties and the Electoral Commission (EC), is growing by the day, obviously because this year is an election year.

Since 1992, the EC has successfully organized six presidential and parliamentary elections that have seen the two dominant parties, i.e. the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), wining, yet these two parties, when it suits them accuse the EC of bias and working against them.

The EC is a human institution and cannot get everything right, despite this, our EC is one of the celebrated Electoral Commissions, not only in Africa but in the world. A prophet it is said is not celebrated in his hometown and that is the situation the EC finds itself.

The first ingredient in any democracy is trusting in the referee. The lack of trust is what has plunged so many countries into chaos after elections.

The desperation for power by politicians is becoming a hindrance on the ability of the EC to perform its constitutionally mandated role.

The politicians want to beat the EC into subjugation by dictating the terms of engagement, and if a political party feels it is not being listened to, they raise unnecessary concerns and unfounded suspicions.

The political parties and the EC, all have their roles to play, while the EC is seriously doing its work, the political parties on the hand are busy telling the EC what it should and should not do, ignoring theirs.

The EC, do not determine who wins election in this country, it is the people of Ghana, who vote and elect their leaders, the day political parties, will realize this, will be the day, we can truly say we are practicing democracy.

We should strive to build strong institutions that can stand the test of time and once we give an institution any function, we should trust that, the people working there are doing so in the interest of the country. Politicians need to know that, Ghana is for Ghanaians, not a select few. The suspicions and mistrust must stop.

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