Will Smith smashes ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ with bridge dance


Source: BBC

If you’ve not seen the #InMyFeelingsChallenge being shared on social media, where have you been?

The dance craze was started by Instagram comedian Shiggy, who encouraged others to get involved – and get involved they did.

Shiggy first started encouraging his 1.4 million Instagram followers to #DoTheShiggy in late June.

He was filmed in the street dancing to Drake’s In My Feelings on a car stereo and it has evolved massively from there.

It has appealed to civilians and celebrities alike, but most people seem to agree that Will Smith’s attempt is the best so far.

It’s certainly the most extra.

But, in defence of anyone planning on trying it in their cul-de-sac with a smartphone, Will Smith recorded his with at least one cameraman, drones and access to an impressive building – so “smashing it” was always going to be the outcome here.

Will says the video was spontaneous and that he didn’t have legal permission to enter the bridge building – a contributing factor to his “stiff” dance moves.

Shiggy says he’s in awe of the fact that so many celebrities have taken up the challenge – especially Will.

“I like the fact that he took it to the next level, and plus he really took his time,” he tells Newsbeat.

“It’s like he risked his life just to do the challenge and that’s crazy because I look up to Will Smith.”

Despite Will being the most famous celebrity to do the Shiggy, his favourite attempt was by his mum.


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