Will Rawlings Sponsor Bob Okala?


By Kingsley Dogbey

A famous Ghanain Comedian, Bishop Bob Okala, whose handshake with former President Jerry John Rawlings after his speech on the 30th anniversary of June 4th at the Flagstaff House last Wednesday, sparks doubt by on-lookers as to whether or not he will be sponsored to Brazil by the Ex-President like Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers.

Bob Okala, who was dressed in the colours of the Ghana National Flag with a watch designed in the form of football with the inscription, “BRAZIL” at the centre of the ball, was privileged to honour the memorable occasion.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the brilliant Comedian, Bob Okala, will be more than excited should for President Rawlings sponsor his trip to the World Cup tournament in Brazil to offer ‘unique support’ to the Black Stars.

Not queit long ago, Ex-President Rawlings pledges to support both boxers to cheer the Black Stars after their biggest fight so far this year at the Accra Sports Staduim, won by Bukom Banku, by a unanimous decision.

This has brought to the attention of on-lookers, who saw Bob in a handshake with former President Rawlings.

Bob Okala was highly hailed by his fans later at the GBC Club House, where he wined and dined with them.

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