Will MTN Ever Get Better

Despite years of persistent complaints and plea, the services of MTN, keep getting worse. Chief among the problems confronting users of the biggest network provider in the country at this point in time is, a call from MTN to MTN.

This newspaper is baffled, because it is easy to make a call from MTN to any other network than calls within the network.

MTN, because of poor quality of service, has never escaped the axe of the regulator anytime, it has to fall.

It is an incontrovertible fact that MTN controls more than 50percent of the market share.  It is the market leader in the increasingly competitive mobile telecommunications industry in Ghana with over 12 million subscribers

With a huge subscriber base, the problems associated with the network, should have been non-existent.

Ghanaians have remained loyal to the network, despite the introduction of other networks with juicy offers.

Service delivery in this country, is one of the worst you can find anywhere in the world. Service providers, are only interested in attracting new customers, because they know the Ghanaian, hardly votes with his feet, as they say.

A network provider with a huge subscriber base like MTN, would have made sure a lot of investment goes into keeping the customer happy.

When one places a call from MTN to MTN, you have to be holding your phone, to ensure the call is connected before you can place it on your ears.

Mobile telephony industry is never short of technology; in fact it is the driver of innovation, so why is MTN, always playing catch up.

This newspaper is hard put trying to defend MTN, which has been the preferred network for its staff, we use both voice and data, and so we are not just a media house critiquing, but customers, who have remained loyal to the networks, despite the challenges.

What is happening in MTN, can be found in other businesses with foreign connections. It is a reflection of the absurdities in Ghana’s business environment.

In spite of complaints by Ghanaian subscribers, their services have remained the worst in the country.

MTN cannot deny that its coming to Ghana is one of the best business moves it ever made, with the unflinching support Ghanaians, have shown them, we expect the network to improve upon its service, it is the least the company can do.



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