Why Should National ID Card Expire After 15 Years?

We flunk at everything, including copying. We are not to re-invent the wheel, we just have to copy what has been implemented successfully in other jurisdictions, and yet we don’t seem to get it right.

A government, which has no idea of the number of citizens, as well as foreigners within its space and how the relativity of both variables affect its demography may, in some circumstances, find it difficult to plan.

This is where knowing the number f citizens in your country, come in and why it is critical in national planning and budgeting.

Ghana began the process of registering its citizens, as far as 2007, during the tenure of x-president, John Agyekum Kufuor.

That exercise was short-lived, because like everything we do in this country, we do not plan properly. Planning is key in governance given that governance is all about the well-being of the people, the citizens

In the last four years, a lot of resources have been committed to ensure that, the exercise is back on track.

The exercise was to have taken off last Monday, but for inexplicable reasons, after all the publicity and announcements, it did not. This is not the first time, Ghanaians, have been promised about having their Ghana card and failing to materialize.

It is a thing of regret that, the Ghana card, will have an expiry date. The question, we want to ask is, does citizenship, has an expiry date, if the answer is no, then why saddle future governments, with the responsibility of looking for resources to embark on another registration exercise.


Already, there is a hue and cry about the cost involved in rolling out the exercise, if we have to look for money again in the future to redo the exercise all over again, when the first one expires, then, they must be something wrong with us.


It is understandable when drivers licence, has an expiry date, because people age, other factors might impede their ability to drive, so having them to go through some test for renewable is a good thing.

Passport can expire, because it is a booklet that can get full, and not everyone needs it for anything, but it is absurd for a National Identity Card to have an expiry date.




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