Why Sanction Investigation Into The Collapsed Pylons, If You Know Those Behind It Amewu?


After commissioning investigation into what led to the collapse of a Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) high voltage transmission tower at Tema, the minister of Energy, John Peter Amewu, has already concluded on the probe, saying the act was politically motivated.

This penchant for getting ahead of himself and making a mockery of the office he holds, did not start today. It was an acquired syndrome he exhibited when he was the Volta regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party.

When a minister of state paid with the taxpayers’ money speaks, it is to bring closure to any issue, but anytime Amewu opens his mouth, the propaganda he spews, only goes to fuel tension.

As a newspaper, we are appalled by the mindless destruction of the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO) pylons in Tema on Monday.

According to GRIDCo’s Director of Systems Operations, Mark Baah, when she spoke to Citi News, “It will take us about two weeks minimum [to raise the mast again] We are reorganizing operations so that it doesn’t affect power supply. This has brought a new situation; we have brought in the police and the CID and the security apparatus and obviously has to be done collectively as a nation because this is a national asset which serves every part of the country and so we need to make it our responsibility,”

Meanwhile, John Peter Amewu, speaking to Journalists at the scene  said, ““It baffles my mind how human beings can do this to our motherland and any political party that will have some element of association with such activity does not love being in our country”.

GRIDCO’s approach, is the best way to get to the bottom of the issue, which has far reaching consequences not only for residents in Tema, but the whole country.

By inference, what John Peter Amewu is saying is that, when we experienced dumosr in the past, when the NPP was in opposition, it was caused by them.

As a minister of State, before he makes any allegation, he should be seized with the fact, especially when it impugns on the integrity of another political party.

This loose talk is the reason why, every issue in this country is seen along party lines and we never get to the bottom of anything.







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