Why Madina-Abokobi Desperately Need Boniface For 2016


The kind of relief I felt on Saturday June 13, when officers of the Electoral Commission (EC), who supervised the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primary at the Madina-Abokobi Constituency, announced the winner of that contest, was similar to that of a person, who suddenly woke up from a nightmare to discover that it was a bad dream after all, and was glad to tune back to reality.

Insensitive, inattentive, self-serving, desperate, and unhelpful are some of the few words one can deploy to describe how the people of Madina have been led since 1992, when we ushered in the fourth republican democratic dispensation.

As an optimist, I want to believe that, we cannot and should not have to continue living like we did in the almost 23 unimpressive years; this is why I am positively rooting for Alhaji Boniface Saddique Abubakar.

My joy was beyond bound, when his possible candidature started making the rounds, I told myself, he is what Madina needs, although I do not belong to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), I made it known to everybody that, should Boniface put himself up and wins the Primary, my vote is certainly for him.

He did not let me down and many people in Madina, who were looking for that Messiah, he contested and as they say, the rest is history.

Growing up in the 90’s, one of my all time favourite movie was “Sarafina”. The movie was based on the apartheid in South Africa; the theme song for the movie was ‘Freedom is Coming Tomorrow”

The election of Boniface, once again reignited the essence of that movie to me, the people of South Africa, who lived in bondage for years are free today.
Freedom indeed is coming to the people of Madina-Abokobi tomorrow.

The people of Madina, who do not want more than any Constituency, have not seen any meaningful development. Pot holes in the township, greets motorist who ply the road. A little downpour and the Lorry Park, gets muddy, hindering movement of human and vehicles.

I am educated and exposed enough to know that Members of Parliament (MP), are not agents of development, but an astute Legislature, takes advantage of being in the House to lobby for projects for their Constituency.

It is no wonder, why the framers of the Constitution, tasked the President to select majority of his Ministers from Parliament, so as a colleague, it is easy to lobby Ministers to extend development to your Constituency.

It seems the current MP of Madina-Abokabi, who like many of his colleagues, take advantage of the presence and the support their parties get in their Constituencies, do not do much but are simply sleeping on the job.

Ghanaians are getting wide awake now, and are demanding more from their representatives, the message was made clear, during the Parliamentary Primary of the NPP, where heavy weights or political colossus lost in the primary.

They is a ground swell of support for Boniface in Madina, all those who will emerge in the yet to be organized primaries of their parties, must brace themselves up for a spirited fight.

Unfortunately for the prospective candidates, the verdict has already being decided, what will happen in 2016 is only a formality to satisfy a Constitutional requirement, my advice to them is to save the little that they have acquired, else they risk being embarrassed and humiliated.

The man cuts across all political divide, he is an example of what all-inclusive politics is. People who know him will tell you, he does not entertain political consideration, when he is extending a hand of friendship and assistance.

He is the next best thing to happen to Madina-Abokobi, apart from the people. Madina-Abokobi is a cosmopolitan area, being occupied by people from different part of the country. Over the years, the people have being deprived of leadership.

God has answered their prayers and sent unto them a man who understands and share in their plight, a man who has seen it and done it before.

He was a blessing to the people of Salaga, when he represented them in Parliament; he lost the Salaga seat, because of the usual politics of this place is NDC or NPP. The people do not necessarily look at competence, ability, capacity, experience and the will to deliver.

They will be a paradigm shift in Madina-Abokobi come 2016.

The people of Madina-Abokobi, who are industrious and hardworking, want their MP to be someone, who will listen to them, someone who has a big heart to accept criticism and strive to change, they want someone, who will respect their views, irrespective of who expresses it, they want someone, who is development oriented and has a track record to prove it and there is no better person than Boniface.

The best they say, is always save for last, we might have been shortchanged for years now, but our cries and endless tears, have been answered by the decision of Boniface to contest. Madina-Abokobi, should have been among the best communities in Accra, but the inaction and the lackadaisical attitude of those leading it, have made the Constituency to crawl.

Madina-Abokobi, will after 2016 reclaim it past glory, the glory that attracted many people of diverse background to the place. Madina is one of the finest places to live in Accra, but lack of leadership, has stalled the progress of the place.

How much will it cost to patch potholes that are inconveniencing everybody? How long and how much will it cost to build and maintain a lorry park that connects commuters to virtually all the areas in Accra?

Now that the rains have set in, the Madina station is an eye sore; it does not depict a place with vast resources.

We have all waited for long, three years ago, this seem impossible, it was long in coming, but finally faith has smiled on us and has giving us a gift that we can be proud to say, this is our MP.

The people of Madina-Abokobi, cannot wait to have you as their MP, they desperately need you to take them to the promise land, it is time we also enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Like wine, we know you will grow better with age. It is our fervent hope that what you gave the people of Salaga, was just a curtain raiser, the main event, will be held in Madina-Abokobi.

We, your expectant audience are waiting patiently for you and will commit everything to help you succeed. The word among the youth is Boniface, the name on their lips is Boniface, the young, and the elderly are only waiting for one person and that is Boniface.

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