Why It Has To Be John Dramani Mahama


Life writes lousy scripts and dispenses rewards in ironic doses.

The echoes of these words, reiterated profoundly in various shapes and forms in tomorrow’s election.

The act of fate, has greatly manifested in the entire campaign to be climax tomorrow that, the whole country, will not forget in a hurry.

It has loudly been established that, of all the factors that determine leadership anywhere in the World, the act of God, seems the most potent.

Though, instructive and dramatic, the almighty God, always, has a final say in the outcome.

All the seven candidates vying for the top post in the country are all eminently qualified, but I endorse the candidature of John Dramani Mahama and I urge Ghanaians to do same.

Aside the God’s factor that was glaringly in favour of President Mahama, from the timing and the way our president, John Evans Atta Mills was called to eternity by the almighty, President Mahama, knows a lot about leadership and self governance.

President Mahama’s skills, experience and capacity is a winning package. President Mahama, has waded through the drudgery to break the glass ceiling. From being an Assembly Man, he became a Member of Parliament (MP), representing the people of Bole-Bamboi in the Northern Region, to being
a Minister of State, to a Vice-president and subsequently Commander-In-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.

He has demonstrably shown in his first four year term that, he is better prepared to move Ghana to the dream land as envisaged by our forbears.

For me, President John Dramani Mahama, is not only the pride of National Democratic Congress (NDC), but he is a source of pride for Ghanaians, everywhere in the world.

The choice of President Mahama, after the demise of president Mills in 2012, was collective and no primordial sentiment like religion, tribe etc, was considered.

The NDC, believe in justice and fairplay and these are some of the values, the party promotes strive to transmit to governance, and the entire society.

Justice, unity, peaceable legality, were the driving forces behind the Party’s response to that constitutional lacuna and its effects.
As a loyal and dedicated member of the NDC, I must trust the judgement of our leaders and be faithful to our course

The choice of President Mahama, to lead the party in both the 2012 and this year’s presidential election, was also in response to the decisions of the delegates and up to now, there have not been any allegations of manipulations at the primaries, as witnessed in other parties, especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Beyond everything, president Mahama, has the requisite insight to end the misery of Ghanaians and spread such prosperity across Africa.
In any contest as competitive and difficult as this, there must be a winner and this is not an exception to the general rule.

We set out to elect a President, who would be a reflection of the genuine and collective expectation of our people.

This is an opportunity for us again to showcase our genuine patriotism and modest contributions to the greatness of our dear state.

A country that has greatly suffered dearth of quality leadership and governance in the past, especially between 2001 and 2008.

To usher in new hope of a greater governance in the state and a new hope of a prosperous future found in a new leadership and a new party that is laden with vision

The challenges ahead of our dear country are onerous, and the hope of a new dawn, with president Mahama, is possible.

We must be more determined and willing to partner with President Mahama, to bring about the change we need in Ghana.

Whatever the approaches to the victory and whatever our differences, we are fellow Ghanaians. Whatever happens tomorrow, it would be a friendly
match and no winner no vanquished.

Supporters of NPP and Nana Addo, especially would the outcome would be different and favourable, but Man proposes, God disposes.
The road to the polls, had been very difficult from the outset with 17 candidates from 17 political parties and only seven were able to make it.

There were many tricks, lies, propaganda, unfounded stories, unguided press statements, blackmails and drawback and many others that were bereft of things expected in modern campaign in a bid to outsmart one another, still God had His way.

God, has once again proven that political adventurism is not always correlated with wealth, propaganda, personal egoism, tripping and myopic megalomania. It is all about God.

In every contest, there must be a winner. This election is no exception to the general rule. Let no one; therefore, see this defeat as a sign of weaknesses. Sometimes defeat can even go as far as victory.

It is only natural for losers to feel some disappointment, we must move beyond it and work together to get our state moving again.

I wish president John Dramani Mahama well, and good luck to all Ghanaians.

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