Why Is Joy FM Fixated On Destroying Local Businesses?

According to the play book of Joy FM, a subsidiary of Multi-media group of companies, no foreign company, has ever done wrong to warrant any investigation.

The only companies that, the radio station, has spent time, effort and money to investigate are companies that are established and own by Ghanaians.

Commendable as their efforts are, it is disheartening and smacks of envy, the way and manner they seek to play their watchdog role.

Are they trying to tell Ghanaians that, companies that are owned by foreigners, and have entered into contracts with the government are operating above board?

Like a dog, they have given all local entrepreneurs a bad and are desperately seeking to hang around their necks.

We cannot condone any wrongdoing on the part of any company, be it foreign or locally owned, but we believe that, it is wise to thread cautiously, so we don’t bring everything and everyone down, in the name of investigations, which are motivated by envy.

The station must remember that, anytime they help in collapsing any indigenous company, they are helping to strengthen a foreign.

Already, local companies are struggling to compete among its counterpart from other countries, the local content that, government upon government keep talking about, has only remained on the lips of politicians.

The few ones that are operating outside the box and have created employment to the teeming masses, must not be brought down to satisfy someone’s ego of ‘I did it’

Zoomlion has been the target of Joy FM, left to the station alone that, company should cease to exist, Manazeh Azure Awuni, has made it his life mission to destroy the waste management company and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Joseph Siaw Agyepong.

Apart from his investigations, which were carried out with leading questions, he has written countless articles against the company and its CEO, including attacking anyone, who associates with the company.

They have set booby traps for successive governments, every Attorney General and Minister of Justice, has been called upon to prosecute Mr Agyapong and Zoomlion, but the evidence can only make for a good radio programme, but not something that secure a conviction in a court of competent jurisdiction.

We also recall the relentless attacks on Mezngold and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nana Appiah Mensah, to the extent that, Israel Laryea, had to travel to the United Kingdom to go and investigate the London office of the company.

It is the view of this newspaper that this practice of targeting indigenous companies for distraction, is uncharitable as it is capable of killing ingenuity amongst our people.



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