Why Did You Not Eulogize Bob Okala Until He Died?


– C-Zar Punches Lydia Forson

C-Zar has cautioned outspoken actress, Lydia Forson not to wait till he dies before she eulogizes him.

Lydia Forson, joined other entertainment personalities to eulogize the late Bishop Bob Okala and also outlined the flaws in the showbiz industry.

According to C-zar, he just can’t fathom why Lydia Forson would wait for Okala to die before she says good things about him and also outlines the flaws in the entertainment industry, thus she shouldn’t wait till he (C-Zar) dies before she praises him;

“So Lydia Forson knew Okala was doing great and yet i never saw or heard her say anything good about him? Its very sad. Okala needed those praises whiles he was alive”, C-Zar told hotonlinegh.com.

C-Zar further argued, “Lydia, i’m out with a song titled “Sorry”, i know you’ve heard it. Don’t wait till i die before you come and say; oh C-zar’s ‘Sorry’ song was great blah blah blah… No, eulogize me now cos i have done so much for the entertainment industry. From Mercy Lokko to Azonto Pandemic etc… i have released hits after hits”. C-Zar, who was extremely passionate in his deliberations advised that, the best medal to give to a celebrity or a public figure is to eulogize him/her whiles alive.

Source: enterghana.com

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