Who Will Crack The Whip On Bishop Title Holders?


The National Accreditation Board (NAB), has released a statement cautioning the General public from accepting Honorary doctorate degrees from unaccredited and non-existent institutions.

They also periodically, although sometimes belatedly publish list of institutions of higher learning that are accredited to offer certain courses.

They also do publish the list of institutions that are not accredited, but yet dupe students and parents with the promise of offering them tertiary education.

Over the years, we have witnessed a high presence of churches, which is good, as we were taught that, man shall not live by bread alone.

Along with the churches, came pastors with all kinds of shady characters and titles.

These days, they change their titles at will, without anybody or any institution asking, how these titles are acquired.

What are the criteria for one being called a Bishop, or Prophet? Some of these pastors also go by the title doctor.

In a recent research conducted by some Ghanaians, they mentioned names of prominent people in this country, who have been awarded various honorary degrees by some fictitious universities.

In the list I did not see the name of any of the pastors, who address themselves as doctors.
The Christian Council of Ghana must begin to sanction it members, who put upon themselves titles and accolades, which do not fit their status.

If we must name and shame people, who are in a rush to accept degrees and address themselves by those degrees, we must do it holistically by reproaching others, who have not even received from any institution.

We have too many bishops and prophets in this country, yet our attitude and commitment towards God’s work is suspect.

We are told not to touch the God’s anointed, but they can bring sanity among themselves, when they begin to question the activities of some of their members, who are bringing the name of the Clergy into disrepute.

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