Who Watches Over These CSOs AND NGOs


We have all heard the saying that, who watches over the watchman; this is usually made in reference to certain institutions, especially, the Police, Parliament etc, whiles institutions that are rather critical of them are left unchecked.

When was the last time anybody or institution ever made the attempt to look into the activities of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)?

We can say with certainty that although most NGOs or CSOs, have made themselves anti -corruption crusaders, they are the most corrupt organizations one can find in Ghana.

A lot of them depend on donor support, as well as support from their parent organizations outside this country. They prepare budget and send it to their counterparts, who will look for the money and send it to them every year. How they spend that money depends on them, whether they are able to exhaust the budget approved also depends on them. The question is who really vets their activities and audit their accounts?

The answer is nobody but themselves. We do not wish to mention names of any NGO or CSO, but if you have ever done any business with some of them, you will understand where we are coming from. It is in fact, a fact that some of them in their bid to receive more funds, go on spending spree, by inflating prices of projects they embark upon, examples like building classrooms, providing furniture to a deprive school, boreholes etc.

There exist examples of these NGOs or CSOs asking clients to inflate prices of goods and services they supply to them, to inflate the prices, so that when payment is done, so as the managers will take their cut.

Corruption is not a preserve of politician or governments, but it permeates every facet of our society, including those, who are always on the tails of governments about fighting corruption in recent times in our churches.

They have accused governments over governments, yet their houses also needs cleansing.

It is high time; we sanction the activities of these NGOs and CSOs.

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