Who Profits From NPP’s Daily Press Conferences?


Press conferences and press releases have become an everyday activity of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Anytime the President, John Dramani Mahama or any member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), coughs and Nana Addo’s name follows, the NPP, with dispatch, will organize the media to respond.

We have, over the period wondered why this is so, but the incessant nature of the press conferences, only means one of two things.

The first is that, someone or some group of people at the NPP headquarters, have found a clever way of lining their pockets, by suggesting that, the party responds to everything that is said about the flagbearer.

The election is a two way horse raise between President Mahama and Nana Addo, character traits plays a very important role in determining who gets to govern us and so the President cannot campaign without asking whether his closest rival, has what it takes to govern.

The people at the NPP headquarters, who have found press conferences as a means of milking the party, must understand the times we are in, they should brace themselves for more press conferences, because neither the president nor members of his party, would cease to question the suitability of Nana Addo to lead this country.

The second reason is that, as the president stated, Nana Addo, has been made into a tin-god and no one dares mention his name, except to only shower praises on him.

The flagbearer has become like a village god, who only sees dissent as being against the system.

The party, having dealt with it own members, now wants to extend it to people, who do not share in the ideology and philosophy of the party.

The irony of the press conferences is that, they will tell the good people of this country that, Nana Addo, is not ready to respond to the president and that what the President is saying, would not put food on the table of Ghanaians, they would also go ahead and take a jibe at the President.

They say the president is power drunk, yet their presidential candidate is 72 years old.

The worrisome thing is that Nana Addo has yet to get the memo. He lives in a bubble. And he is a captive of sycophants that are serenading him with flattery.

They engage in double standard, without also putting across any policy directions that would also put food on the table of Ghanaians.

John Boadu, who is known to like money and has become a leech, is also the one leading the onslaught. Not only is he uninspiring, he lacks simple mannerism and so always comes across as arrogant.

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