Which Presidential Aspirant Does Kofi Adams Speak For?


Since time immemorial, great leaders, do not emerge out of a system, they create the system. When Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, became the first president of Ghana, it was fait accompli.

When he joined the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC), and they were talking about independence in the shortest possible time, he said independence now.

When his former boss became the leader of Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), it was fait accompli.

Mention can be made of former South African leader, Nelson Mandela, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Mahatma Gandhi of India, etc.

All these people, have something in common, they did not wait for the system to say, move, before they did.

Leaders, take advantage of a vacuum, especially like the one in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) today.

A caveat is important at this juncture, before I continue with my epistle. I am not by this article endorsing the candidature of Alban Sumani Bagbin. His intentions although good, I think he’s being overly ambitious. He has the qualities and the capacity to lead this country, but as I always say, some people are created to only act as catalyst, they are part of the process of making something whole, but on their own, they are nothing.

Every human being must know his place on this planet, the fact that, you taught someone to become a medical doctor or a lawyer, doesn’t make you one, and even if you manage to become, you can never be better than your student.

Having issued a caveat, let me proceed to say, the attack by Kofi Adams on the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, is unwarranted, uncalled for and unnecessary.

The crime of Alban Bagbin, was that, he said he tutored both former president John Dramani Mahama and the current president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, when they were in parliament.

As an executive of the party, Kofi Adams was expected to exercise some modicum of restraint in reacting to issues like these, which have far reaching consequences.

The curfew that the party, has imposed on members not to openly declare their intentions, is going to be one of the problems, the party will have to deal with, when nominations are finally open. People are busily campaigning, yet the attitude of the proverbial ostrich that, has dogged the party over the years, keep rearing its ugly head.

Kofi Adams, can pretend not to know what is going on in the party, i.e. if he himself is not part of the problem, publicly people are being told to hold on until the healing process is over and then what happens, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), will not wait for the NDC to finish with internal healing, once the referee blows the whistle, the games will begin, whether the NDC is ready or not.

The NDC will not need to go for any healing tour if executives like Kofi Adams, have been up to the task. The party is in a mess, because Kofi and Kofi, allowed it to be.

Was Kofi Adams, reacting to Alban Bagbin, in his capacity as a National Organiser or an ordinary party member, because, I do not understand his anger.

“When I was in the university, there was an elderly man who was studying agriculture. A student he taught in the secondary school was now his lecturer at the University. What do you say about that? Would you say because you taught that student in the secondary school so you are still better than the student when he has come further, studied and has become a lecturer at the university?” He asked.

This should be coming from agents of one of the people lacing their boots to contest the NDC primary, especially from the camp of former president, John Dramani Mahama. As an executive, when you talk like this, you give people the impression to think that, you are taking sides.

Form my little observation, some of the executives, who performed abysmally, Kofi Adams, inclusive, want to tie the aprons to one of the candidates. They believe by supporting the candidate, they get to retain their positions.

Alban Bagbin, will not get the nod to lead the NDC, whoever is deceiving him, must let him know that, he can never be the flagbearer of the NDC, but he has a wealth of experience that the party can draw from.

He has seen it all, both in parliament (Legislature) and outside parliament (executive), the party cannot afford to let all that experience go to waste.

How does Kofi Adams, who should rather sound reconciliatory, when errant party members go overboard, decides to descend into the gutter, with his utterances. How can these utterances and open display of bias, help in the healing process that, Kofi Adams is talking about.

Alban Bagbin, was doing what any astute politician, will do. He thought his unique selling point was, by saying, that both the former and present president were his students. What has it got to do with Kofi Adams, unless he is telling us that, he is also interested in contesting for the flagbearership of the NDC?

Alban Bagbin, says he is the best person to lead the NDC, that is a matter of opinion, which will be left to the delegates to decide. Some of the people clamoring for the post, may chicken out, when the kitchen becomes hot. It is early days yet, to even begin to contemplate, who will lead the NDC.

Those who feel they have reconciled with their conscience and the members of the party, are out there campaigning must not be seen as enemies of the party.

The Second deputy speaker, should he get the nod, which I doubt, will also want to lead a united party, so I don’t think, he will do anything to divide the rank and file of the party. He wants to lead a united party, not a divided one.

Kofi Adams is in a unique position to advocate for all the potential aspirants, he should not be seen to be favouring one person over others. The fact that, the party is in the healing process does not mean, everything must come to a halt, including ambitions and aspirations.



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