Where Is Occupy Ghana And Like Minds?


“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
― Plato

May I start this writing by lamenting the unfortunate dissipation of the men and women, who put themselves together to fight for our common good, by asking the government to meet its social contract with the people of Ghana
Nothing comes easy especially, when fighting or demanding for change.

When they decided to carry such a cross, they should have expected the kind of backlash and background check of the individual members of that group, by political attack dogs; was to be expected and are to prepare for it.

That attack bear dogs, will go to every length to make sure that, every veil is stripped and their true intent, whether skewed or not known.
When Occupyghana, occupied the Flagstaff House, which was informed, motivated and encouraged by problems that are germane to our survival, a lot of right thinking and well meaning Ghanaians, who are apolitical, thought for the first time, the middle-class, educated etc, are no longer sitting on the fence and hoping that, things will go well, but they have also rolled up their sleeves and are ready to get involved in demanding accountability from our leaders. It was a good and patriotic move,

Did the group suffer a still birth, I will say it did, because behind all the façade, was a political agenda, as envisaged by people, who raised red flags, about the motive of the group.

Some notable members of the group launched their political careers, when the New Patriotic Party (NPP), opened nomination for members seeking to represent the party in parliament.

Surprisingly enough, not a single member of the group put himself or herself up to contest in the primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). What message does this signal send especially to those, who saw the emergence of the middle class on the scene as a good sign for a revival?

I expected Occuyghana, to be the voice that have been missing since we ushered in the 1992 democratic dispensation, but I was wrong as most of the leading members, only succeeded in fooling all of us and their unsuspecting members into believing that, it was a movement for change, a movement seeking for accountability.

The last time I heard anything of the group was the lone ranger now, Ace Ankomah, who is in court, asking the court to direct the Auditor-Generals department to implement its audit reports, which has gathered dust over the years.

I have never contemplated joining any pressure group, but for a moment I thought of joining Occupyghana, recent event and the apparent silence on the part of members, when things are swinging out of shape, has left me with no option, than to remain in my self imposed prison.

Educated Citizens of other countries, have led the crusade for a change and toady we are all in a haste to outdo each other to mention those countries. Development came at a cost and those who had the capacity and will to make sure that was achieved, did not just tinker with the issue and crawl back into their holes.

Majority of the members who make up Occupyghana, are in a position to afford generator plants to power their homes and offices, they have the
ability and capacity to give their wards the best of education, but they took to the streets, because they believe Ghana and Ghanaians deserve better.

Nothing can derail any man or woman from pursuing this course of action to its logical conclusion. Occupyghana, owe us an apology from the deceit, they threw dust in our eyes pretending the course was for Ghana, but events and actions, clearly shows that, they rode on our problems to either launch their political careers or make themselves relevant in the vacuum created by politicians, who have run this country down.

Ghanaians, can now only look to God, our men and women, who have been endowed and given responsibility to effect change, have now abandoned that calling and have all thrown in their hats in politics.

It was the same Plato who said that, “There are three classes of men; lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, and lovers of gain.”
Ghanaian men are lovers of gain and not honour, nor wisdom.

Politicians in this country from all the political traditions have largely failed us, we needed a new breed of Ghanaians, that is the intelligentsia to lead the fight against bringing the country back on track, the only people to bring that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel are not politicians, but the intelligentsia, unfortunately they have also joined the bandwagon of get rich quick.

Politics is the most lucrative business in this country, except the gains is not honorably earned but the spilling of our collective till and wealth.

Where are the members of Occupyghana, your country is calling you, the fight you begun is not over, it is a herculean task, but you took it as a service to mankind and God, you give up now, we are all doomed to failure.

“In politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill… we do not ask for the handsomest physician, or the most eloquent one.”
― Plato

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