Where Is Chairman Ade- Coker?


In the run-up to the regional executives’ election of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), I wrote an article, in which I enumerated reasons I thought Chairman Ade Coker, has overstayed his welcome and would be a bad choice for the party, should he get the nod again for the second time.

My suspicion has proven right as after the election, the man has gone into hibernation. Prior to the election, Chairman Ade- Coker, was everywhere. He was hobnobbing from one radio station to another, from morning to evening, he appeared on every conceivable programme and station that invited him or the ones he forced himself onto.

He has a defect in Twi, but that did not deter him from appearing on Twi speaking radio stations, provided that would help achieve his ultimate goal of retaining the chairmanship.

I had reservations about his leadership style, because never in the history of the NDC in the Greater Accra, has it received so many petitions in the build up to the Constituency election.

All fingers pointed to one person and that was Chairman Ade- Coker, who was in the middle of it all. The waters are calm now and a lot has passed under the bridge, because the losers, have decided to keep a cool head and respect the rules of the game. Ade -Coker, who won his reelection bid because of his media appearance, has rather taken a long leave of absence, when the party in the region and the government needed him most.

Someone might argue that elections are not won on the radio or in the media, but it is also a fact that the media being the Fourth Estate of the realm plays a very vital role in propagating the policies of political parties and actors, as well as shaping opinions of the people. To the extent that Chairman Ade, found it appropriate and convenient to use the media in his moment of need, more was expected of him to use the same media in communicating government programmes, policies and achievements.

President Jerry John Rawlings predicted this, when he admonished delegates to vote for someone with integrity, but that was not to be, they rather went and threw caution to the wind, even when it was clear that, with Chairman Ade, NDC, will need to do more to still keep Accra.

It was alleged that money and other valuables changed hands during the regional election that was held at Dodowa. If delegates would allow aspirants to buy their votes, it is impossible to demand anything from them when they win; after all they bought the position.

The problems that reared its ugly head in the heat of the contest has been subdued, because they is nothing to fight over now, but trust me, Chairman Ade and problems will resurface again, as the party prepares to hold its parliamentary primary.

It is already looking like they will be a showdown, although the party has not announced the date yet, they is a lot of disaffection against some sitting Members of Parliament (MPs), who are equally hell-bent on running again. The Chairman, will be called upon to show leadership and remain neutral, but if the past is anything to go by, I wonder if he will step-up to the plate.

It is rumored that in the heat of the regional chairmanship campaign, Chairman Ade is rumoured to have promised the regional communicators of party logistics, if they endorse his candidature. After the election and after they kept to their promise, when they called on him to redeem his promise to them, he informed them he was travelling to the United States of America (USA) to relax and upon his return he will make good the promise.

Since his return, he has refused to pick calls placed to his phone, he does not even answer to text messages and this behavior has incensed a lot of the communicators in the region.

Lack of trust is what is threatening to break the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the NDC at every level must endeavour not to find themselves in the same quack mire. People have suffered and made so much sacrifice for the party to remain strong and to be a force to reckon with at every election.

People must not put themselves up for election, just to satisfy a certain personal ambition or put themselves in positions to benefit from the spoils of power; it must be because they are willing and ready to sacrifice for the good of others.

They must not be seen to show concern and empathy, only during campaigning, but something they must carry on, even after getting elected.

The general populace is losing confidence in our politician, because of this attitude of use and dump. This has become so because of the insensitivity of some politicians, who feel that once they have power, nothing else matters.

What activities is Chairman Ade, organizing in the Greater Accra? What has kept him so busy to the extent that, little is heard of him?

Every day in politics count, a day as they say in politics is a long time, Greater Accra, has its own dynamics, every party that wins the Region, is sure to win the national, because whatever happens here has a trickle down on other Regions.

Without taking away anything from anybody, who helped President Mahama, win the 2012 election, it is a fact and as epitomized by President Rawlings, that he won the election on his own merit and effort. His personality, charisma and sheer will, as well as determination was what won him the election.

2016, will be different, everybody in the party, especially Chairman Ade, who chairs the capital city, must up their game. The hide and seek that has taking the centre stage in their activities must stop. He must come out of his self impose exile. People are asking of his whereabouts.

I do not need to remind him of the task ahead, he is a consummate politician or so I thought, he will do himself and the party good, if he will put the needs of the party, ahead of whatever is keeping him in hiding.

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