Where Are All The Prophets With The Continuos Armed Robbery Incidence In Ghana

In the aftermath of the death of Ebony, we have heard so many prophets, prophesising about the death of one artist or another.

The prophets are in competition with each other, as to who hears the voice of God and who is hallucinating.

Unfortunately, the prophets we have in Ghana, the only vision they get, is which celebrity or politicians will die next, they have become merchants of death.

In the midst of the hopelessness and despair, they are providing hope for the ignorant, and so despite all the admonitions, the unsuspecting public, still patronize their services.

Of all the prophets we have in this country, not a single one, had a prophesy that, armed robbers, will beseech this nation, in a dastardly manner, leaving in their wake dead bodies.

They have abdicated their role to get mankind to seek for salvation; they have turned themselves now into magicians, who can see three years from today.

Everybody is sitting on the edge, not knowing what will happen next, who could be the next victim of the gangster style robbery and the prophets are also not telling us anything.

The police are immobilized and can’t arrest, because they are not sure who is doing the robbery, if it is an armed robber, delta force, invisible force etc, they have to be sure it is robbery or political vigilantism.

The police are calling on all of us to help with information that will lead to the arrest of these criminals, the prophets, can be of great assistance.

This is the time for the prophets to stand up and be counted, their voices should mean something, they cannot always be the medium for the announcement of peoples death.

They also have a civic responsibility to the country, they should please help us with where the next robbery is going to happen.

If they cannot pray for the country, at least they should seek for the revelation about the modus operandi of these criminals, who are terrorizing us.




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