When Satan Goes To Church


The church is a designated place for the perceived righteous, the born again and those desiring to be righteous. Christians go to church mainly to praise God, ask for forgiveness of their sins, petition God for their heart desires, seek blessings from God, among others. As I grow up, I am becoming more convinced that, Satan also goes to church.  

Job 1:6 reads; “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among them”. What really happens when Satan goes to church?

When Satan goes to church, he comes back home cursed and not blessed. In my early ages as a young boy, Cesi Mercy, the Sunday school madam, always told us that, we either go home from church with curses or blessings.

Our actions and behaviours can make us Satans in our churches. God definitely punishes us when we tell lies, exhibit hatred and sheer jealousy in church. The ‘Satan in church’ comes back home cursed.

When Satan goes to church, he goes there to show off with his new car, new clothes or new shoes. All that the ‘Satan in church’ does is to show off with his belongings and wares. Unfortunately, this attitude and behaviours of the Satan in church impresses church authorities and the Satan in turn, is given positions in the church. The Satan in church brings confusion and division in the church.

When Satan goes to church, he goes to mock the dressing and financial stands of others. The cliché, ‘all hands are not equal’, is not in the dictionary of the ‘Satan in church’. During offering time, the ‘Satan in church’ splashes new notes of money ‘stolen’ from work place or perhaps from dubious business deals, to mock the poor. They make cynical statements like “Ei, this cloth and shoe has really helped you. You’ve been wearing them to church always, for the past five years”. What nonsense! The attitude of this ‘Satan in church’ causes other members to stop the church out of inferiority complex. The Satan in church is a threat to Christianity

When Satan goes to church, they sit in front wearing provocative dresses to confuse the preacher man. A man’s heart is connected to his brains and the eyes are the outward extension of the brain. A man is therefore moved by what he sees. Madam Satan in church, please stop charming preacher men with your ‘make up’ face and extremely tempting tight dresses. The Satan in church causes the downfall of others. Watch out!

When Satan goes to church, he goes looking for boyfriends and girlfriends rather than to seek for their salvation. The Satan in church comes back home to tell the pagan friends things like, “Charlie, I had two girlfriends today, I have scheduled one for tonight and the other for the night after today”. Pathetic Christian!  They do not go church to listen to the word of God. Mr Satan in church, allow others to work for their salvation please.

When Satan goes to church, she goes to gossip about anything and everything. She gossips about the oversized suit of the catechist and that of the presiding elders, the creaking voice of the choir and praises team, the offbeat dance of “Sofo Maame” (The catechists wife),etc. The Satan in church assumes that, the Word or Message from the preacher man is an insinuations targeted at her. Oh madam “Satan in church”, let us rest a bit because the world does not revolve around you alone.

When Satan goes to church he refuses to contribute towards Bible discussion and church project but criticise those that contribute and tag them as ‘too known’. The Satan in church is too jealous of others. The Satan in church does nothing but complains about everything. Mr Satan in church, allow us to do if you won’t.

When Satan goes to church, he sleeps as soon as preaching begins. He wakes from his slumber when there is an ‘Amen’ or laughter, and foolishly asks, ‘what was he talking about’? In his wake, he talks as the preacher man preaches. He attempts to correct the preacher man to a nearby friend and pretends to know more than the pastor. He goes out during offering time and come in after offering. This is the behavior of  the Satan in church.

Now, who are you in your church? The gossip? The jealous? The lazy? The womanizer? The all knowing? Or which?

Satan really goes to church and that Satan can be you. Ponder over this as you go about your Daily routines.


By Mesharck Okunnor (Mr. OK)





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