When Atik Mohammed The Hunter Becomes The Haunted


A lofty and grandiose plan was hatched to oust Dr. Edward Mahama, the 2016 presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC).

His crime was simple, after years of rejecting juicy appointments from past presidents; he has decided to end his political career, by accepting from president, Akufo-Addo, to be Ambassador At Large, without consulting the party.

A meeting was scheduled for Saturday, July 22, to decide the fate of the octogenarian politician; Atik Mohammed will soon learn and realize that “Khaki no be leather” and that suspending someone like Dr. Edward Mahama, may be contemplated, but making it work in reality is a different ball game.

We all waited to read the outcome of the meeting, which was to say that, Dr. Mahama, has been suspended or sanctioned, but that was not to be. The hunter Atik Mohammed at the end of the meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) became the hunted.

The chickens have finally come home to roost and people are being shown their real size. Those in the PNC, crying that, Dr. Edward Mahama, have done something wrong failed to understand where the man was coming from. As I mentioned in my opening remark, the man has once turned down the offer to become the vice-president. He again turned down another offer to become health minister, those were the days, when he was very active and was counting on fate to smile on him.

Today, at his age and having entered his last contest, it is only a foolhardy who will not grab the only opportunity to have his name written, not only as a flagbearer of a dying party, but once as an ambassador at large.

The General Secretary, Atik Mohammed and the National Chairman, Bernard Mornah, who came into the People’s National Convention with nothing, but are now doing well, are those pushing for the suspension of Dr. Edward Mahama, who came into the party with a lot and yet is left with nothing.

The desire of every politician is to have the opportunity to serve his or her people and you are only able to do that, when your party wins political power.

One does not need to be a soothsayer to know that, the PNC, will cease to exist as a political party ten years from now.

The reasons are not far-fetched, as the fortunes of the party keeps dwindling after every election since 1992.

The only standard bearer they have, who was able to give some credibility and chances of winning the election, was Dr. Edward Mahama. Hassan Ayariga, who contested the 2012 election as the flagbearer, only reduced the party to motley of jokers. He reduced the party to ridicule and it was no wonder, why Dr. Mahama, had to be prevailed upon to come and lead the party in 2016.

He is their greatest asset, he is an asset to this country, we cannot as a country, but blame ourselves, when such a brain is not tapped for the advancement of this country.

Anytime that Dr. Edward Mahama, had participated in a presidential debate, he has always come up tops. His depth of knowledge and appreciation of issues, have won the hearts of many Ghanaians, except he is in a wrong party.

He is the best president, this country never had, those who have led this country and those aspiring to lead us, can never be compared to Dr. Mahama, they were only leading serious political parties.

No one in their senses, will contemplate suspending an asset like Dr. Mahama, after succeeding in suspending him, who will be left in the PNC?

The PNC, is lucky to have Dr. Mahama, not the other way round.

Atik and Bernard Mornah demonstrated a lot of euphoria, they were claiming to be more PNC, than Dr. Mahama. They succeeded in giving the false impression to the whole nation that, they love PNC, more than Dr. Mahama.

Very soon Atik Mohammed and Bernard Mornah are going to claim that, they registered the PNC as a political party at the Electoral Commission (EC).

The Convention People’s Party (CPP), the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), are without appointments, as President Akufo-Addo, is only interested in appointing family and friends.

The PNC, should be lucky and grateful that, their flagbearer has been recognized and appreciated by the president.

I do not think Dr. Mahama, accepted this position for monetary gain, the PNC, must see this as an opportunity to use him to market the party, by showing to Ghanaians what human resource the party has, but to attempt to cut him down before he even takes root is bad.

Atik Mohammed and Bernard Mornah see themselves as the today and tomorrow of PNC, who can decide the fate of anyone in the party, but I dare say it is a scheme and agenda that could come back to haunt them big time, and predictably destroy the party, because what goes around comes around.


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