What Would Sir John Say To Charlotte Osei?


O’boy, are you following what’s going on in this country, what do you went wrong, which has contribute to where we are today, with few days to an election, we do not know, what to do tomorrow.

About four years ago, I had every reason to believe that, this country was held hostage by one individual, who is defined by the words that comes out of his mouth.

Anytime he speaks, you always have to kick yourself and ask, what did the New Patriotic Party (NPP), give us by way of a General Secretary from a tradition of rich, capable, affable, and intelligent General Secretaries.

Everyone has his day, forgive my choice of words, but our elders have a saying that, even a mad man has some degree of importance and today, I am wondering, what Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, also known as Sir John, would tell Charlotte Osei.

Very few people get missed from the political space, a lot of politicians have come and gone, some are on self-imposed early retirement, some just feel they have nothing more to add after years of serving their nation in various capacities, but for others like Sir John, you cannot wish them away and when they go quiet, you begin to wonder why.

Sir John is never short of words, he knows what to say at what time to either annoy you or make you laugh, I have always find amusement in not only his words, but how he puts them across.

A common truism is that the best way to judge a person’s intellect and character is by observing them speak.

For some time now, he has been missing from the political limelight, no wonder some of us, have had little to write, because the choirmaster, has left the stage rather too sudden.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), did the nation a lot of good, when in Tamale, Sir John was voted out and replaced with Kwabena Adjei Agyepong, who is also on suspension for inexplicable reasons.

I am just imagining, how Sir John would have fouled the air and the unprinted words, he would have used on the poor woman, who is just doing her work.

The world is a stage indeed, the only time I thought it fair to remember Sir John and ask of his whereabouts is, when something is supposedly gone wrong, he is not the solution, but rather what he was going to say.

Madam Charlotte Osei is a very lucky woman, even Supreme Court Justices, did not escape the vituperations of Sir John.

During the election petition that lasted for eight months, Sir John, never gave the Justices and Ghanaians, breathing space, he berated them, call them names , he even described the face of the presiding Judge, Justice Atuguba, as a demi-god.

If even respected and revered people in our society like Supreme Court Judges, could suffer his wrath, I wonder what Charlotte Osei, could have been told by now.

I miss his theatrics, his utterances, boldness that was earning the NPP, bad publicity but he cared little.

I don’t want to believe that, the media, have had enough of the only Sir in our politics to the extent that, he does not get invited to speak on the

Since the brouhaha about disqualification started and the subsequent law suits, I have not heard the opinion of Sir John, although a lot of legal brains have been consulted. We cannot have Sir John fatigue; we cannot push him out this way.

In the final analysis the prolific rabbit commentator, Sir John, is progressively being demystified. The unraveling is happening at a wrong time in our national history when we will have really appreciated his entertainment.

Sir John, has lately been reduced to a spectator in the honour list of best when it comes to insult.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), have their work made easy, when Sir John, was the voice that echoes that of the New Patriotic Party, now that he has gone into self-imposed exile, the list every month no longer look interesting.

The voices of reason, have prevailed in the NPP, finally the party, has managed to silence Sir John, but to the disappointment of a fan like me.
When some of us felt that, the man had cross the line of decency, hi party members hailed him, he was a hero, when the time came for them to reward
his heroism in the Northern regional capital Tamale, during the Congress, he was made to pay for his folly.

The political space is no longer interesting, it is boring and we are all serous that, no one makes the time to give us the other side of life.

I wish I could take a trip into the mind of Kwawdo Owusu Afriyie, to understand him, he fascinates an annoys, he entertains and denigrate, he curses and wish well, he is your typical African Politician, who sees nothing good in his opponents, the rustic Sir John is a rolling stone that gathers no moss.

If they are not going to unleash you, please unleash yourself, the silence is too deafening.

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