What we need is an anti-corruption curriculum not Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Most discerning Ghanaians are aware of a silent, but focused attempt by our developing partners to foist the idea of legalizing homosexuality and lesbianism.

Homosexuality and lesbianism is widespread in most Western countries and shows no sign of lessening, this and many other reasons, are why Ghanaians are against the introduction of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) in the educational curriculum to children as young as age four.

We have observed with trepidation the unnerving defence being put up by the Ghana Education Service (GES), in a hurriedly released press statement yesterday, which begun with a typographical  error.

Countries design their curriculums to reflect the needs of their people; two major problems confronting this country are poverty and corruption.

Anywhere there is poverty; all the ills of society can be seen manifesting itself. Our culture and religious beliefs frown on all the reasons advanced for the need to introduce CSE, it is as we mentioned poverty that has given rise to teenage pregnancy, child marriage, etc.

It is our considered opinion that this unwholesome development to try and teach our kids sexual education must not be given any air.

Although, Ghana is a signatory to many conventions, we also have our culture that frowns upon any unnatural canal knowledge.

These children are the future leaders of this country, we cannot afford to lose them to foreign influence. Already, we have lost some cultural values and norms, because of globalization.

Children in other parts of the world, are learning computer coding, programming, organic farming, personal finance, social interaction, etc, whiles we are here, contemplating teaching our children how to have sex.

From the discussions, it looks like Ghana is the first and only country in Africa, to introduce CSE, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last year.

We are always in a hurry to ratify treaties and implement anything the western world wants us to, at the detriment of the people.



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