What Press Statement Or Press Conference Is The NPP Organising This Week?


On a daily basis, the biggest opposition party, the New Patriotic Party, is either organizing a press conference or issuing a press statement about one thing or another.

We at The Herald, thinks they have Olympic medal in press conferences and press statement. Not too long ago, it was about the Electoral Commission and Charlotte, now it is about President John Dramani Mahama and his hardworking wife.

Anytime the president coughs, the NPP, will call the media to tell them what it means, very soon how he walks or what he eat, will be grounds for the organization of a press conference.

When people say, the NPP, has no message, they don’t understand, but everyday that is made abundantly clear, because we hardly hear the NPP, talking about issues and policies.

This idea or strategy of always saying negative things about the president is unintelligent.

During the president’s recent campaign tour of the Western Region, he said that, Nana Addo, did not see the good roads in that region because he was sleeping, when he also visited the region.

The next day the party organized a press conference to react to it, two days later the party’s branch in the region also issued a press release asking the president to apologise, at the same time Nana Addo, who was at the Achimota lorry terminal on Friday, also took a jibe at the President, for telling him the truth.

The NPP, gets more media attention than any political party in this country, the mileage they get, if they have dedicated themselves to using it wisely, no political party, can ever catch up with them.

Even journalists are tired of the senseless, unwarranted and often unnecessary press conferences and releases, all which are not used to advance any good course but to make one allegation after another, targeted at president Mahama and his administration.

The desperation is leading them astray and they don’t see it, Ghanaians are getting fed up, with the barrage of allegations of wrong doing on the part of everybody in the political space, but themselves.

The hunger of not being in power to mismanage our heritage is driving them to the brinks, their motive is not of national interest, Ghanaians, will not make a mistake again, as they did in 2000.

It is our hope and expectation that, this week they will spare the good people of this country, any press conference or press release.

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