What More Has Kofi Adams To Offer As National Organiser

No member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), ought to spend the minutest part of their time wishing for the comeback of Kofi Adams.

They should rather be discussing and thinking on how to find a better and fitting replacement for him.

After unsuccessfully leading the party to a disastrous election outcome, the National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress, Kofi Adams, who doubled as the campaign co-ordinator of the 2016 elections, is planning to launch a comeback.

On Wednesday May 9, Kofi Adams on Okay FM, came close to announcing his intention to retain his position, when he admonished Yaw Boateng Gyan, not to dare contest his position.

Speaking on Okay fm‘s Ade Akye Abia programme, Kofi Adams noted that the party currently is undergoing a restructuring process and with what they have put in place, It Will secure victory for the party in 2020.

We have given the party a solid foundation to withstand any external attack,” Kofi Adams stated.

In the run-up to the 2016 general elections, I wrote an article in which I questioned the role of Kofi Adams, as a National Organiser ad Campaign Co-ordinator, because I thought that, he was talking too much.

He was jumping from one radio station to another, when they are burning issues on the ground that needed his attention.

He had a dual role that required that, he puts boot on the ground, he was needed more on the field than on radio, and yet Kofi Adams, preferred to spend time responding to every issue on radio, when the party had a General Secretary and two deputies.

David Cameron, resigned as a British Prime Minister, not because the Conservatives lost the election, but because in a referendum, which became known as Brexit, he was not able to make a strong case for Britain not to exit the European Union (EU).

Kofi Adams, has not offered an apology to the NDC faithful for coordinating the worse campaign the party, has ever executed.

The best course I think the NDC, can chart, if it ever thinks of regaining power in 2020 or in the near future, the choice of executives to lead the party, is very crucial. People should not be voted for because of their proximity to any individual, it was that mistake that cost the party the election in 2016.

We all have ambitions, but those ambitions must be measured by our capacity to manage the results, when they do come. To be a National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress is not a small feat, it is a dream that many people wish for.

Kofi Adams, had it on a silver platter, maybe that is why he did not cherish it, if he did, he would have given his all to ensure that, the NDC won the 2016 elections.

Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, died in July, five months before the 2012 elections, before president John Dramani Mahama, could recover from the shock of the passing of his boss, he had less than three months to campaign and yet he won by a margin of over 300,000 votes.

How did Kofi Adams and his colleagues let this margin slip?

Our elders have a saying that, man came to do some, but not all. Mr Adams, has done what he could, albeit unsatisfactorily, because when the story of how NDC lost the 2016 elections, is told in the future, he will feature in the chapters as the worse organizer and campaign co-ordinator in the history of the party.

When you are being sacked from the stage, you are now telling us, you are left with your last dance, Mr Adams, has overstayed his welcome and usefulness.

The time to call it quit and look for another opportunity in the party and country is now, the party cannot afford to keep putting people like Kofi Adams in the forefront.

I have always maintained that, you cannot fight today’s war with yesterday’s strategy. The Kofi Adams, who was used for the 2016 elections, cannot be used for the 2020 elections. He has failed first as the National Organiser and as Campaign Coordinator.

The NDC needs new set of people, the party needs fresh limbs, people who are ready to work for the interest of the party. What we saw in 2016, were a group of people, who were more concerned about what they will take him.

The party cannot take a step forward and two backwards, the battle ahead is not for people like Kofi Adams, we have seen what their talking can get us; a humiliating defeat.

The party needs action oriented people, those who talk only after the work is done, not those who behave like professional boxers, thinking they can win the fight with talking before it even begins.

Some people are only good when they work under some peoples shadow, as a deputy General Secretary; he was much more potent and useful, he went up the ladder, only to become a liability for the party and himself.

The NDC is not short of good hands to steer its affairs, it has produced the best of the best and can do the same now and in the future. Opposition is not a place for trial and error, the party cannot afford to try him again, he should find a position that suit and fit his purpose, the position of national Organiser is too big for him.

Political observers in the country can paradoxically conclude that, Kofi Adams, contributed significantly to the loss of the NDC in 2016.


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