What Makes Our Northern Brothers Thirst For Violence?


The Azorka Boys, the Bamba Boys, the Bolga Bulldogs and by extension, the Invisible Forces, all have one thing in common.

The common thing that all these vigilante groups have is that, majority if not all the members of the groups are young men of northern extraction.

What is it that makes our brothers from the north susceptible to violence?

Anytime, you hear of any Senior High School (SHS), demonstrate against authourities and resort to the use of violence to destroy school properties, it is a school from the north.

On Thursday, there was an unfortunate incident coming out of Bimbilla, where resident took up arms and engaged in open shootout, all in the name of who has the right to receive meat from an abattoir or whether or not the butchers are obliged to send meat to the regent of the town.

Politicians have found their weak spot and are exploiting to further their interest and this is further dividing a once peaceful people.

The peoplein the North, must realize that no one will bring them peace until they are ready to work out their differences. There are more chieftaincy disputes in the north than any part of the country.

Northerners are the nicest people you can ever find In Ghana, sometimes one wonders why and how someone is able to convince some people, who have no purpose in life to bring the name of the people of the north in disrepute.

Professionals are refusing posting to the north because of these pockets of violence, teachers, doctors, nurses, and other professionals, do not want to go up north, because of the fear of being caught in the middle of these violence.

The President, John Dramani Mahama, is trying very hard to extend development to the north, we have seen the ongoing road construction in every part of the north, the expansion and upgrading of the Tamale Airport, the expansion work on the Tamale Teaching Hospital, the Jute factory, the setting up of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authourity etc, are all interventions to generate employment for the youth of the north.

Resources that could be used for development is rather being used to maintain law and order, the President need the help of every single individual, who has the interest of the north at heart, not these senseless and unwarranted conflicts.

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