What Kind Of Ostrich Is Freddy Blay?


Anybody who sees Freddy Blay, the usurper, who calls himself the acting National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, should tell him to quit the job, because he does not have the capacity to lead a political party, like the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

I have never in my short sojourn on earth, come across an opportunistic sycophant like Freddy Blay. I don’t what kind of Ostrich he is pretending to be, just to hoodwink NPP delegates into voting for him, to crown his role as the Chairman of the NPP.

Like a proverbial monkey, he sees no evil, hears no evil and says no evil, anytime issues that go beyond the NPP come up.

When will this man ever call a spade a spade, instead of whatever name he deems fit, depending on the occasion.

Freddy Blay, in his usual masking manner, has buried his head in the sand, like an Ostrich anytime; he is called upon to make a comment, when members of the NPP go wrong.

He is always treating issues to casual, dismissive ambience, as though Ghanaians don’t think. Freddy Blay, has made so many nuisance outings on national issues, since the NPP, won the 2016 elections.

A few examples of his misguided effusions, since the beginning of this administration, exposes the man as lacking the capacity and the temperament to lead the NPP.

Freddy Blay, played a childish prank, when the minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba, accused the Northern regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Bugri Naabu, of demanding goats, cows and money, before appointments and when Bugri Naabu, in turn accused the minister of being the mastermind, behind the murder of Adams Mahama, the Upper West regional chairman of the party, Freddy Blay, when called on radio to comment on it, told Ghanaians and the whole world that, he has not heard the tape.

When Kwame A-Plus, also revealed that, the two deputy chiefs of staff, Asenso Okyere and Abu Jianpor, were involved in corrupt act, an issue that, has gotten the whole country talking, with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, getting involved, arising out of which a tape recording involving the then deputy director of CID and A-Plus, became public, Freddy Blay, came on air and told the country that, he has not heard the tape.

We can pardon him for the above, but his latest outing on the George Ayisi Boateng issue, defies common logic and is unpardonable.

First of all, the man agrees to an interview, goes on air to defend George Ayisi Boateng and then at the same time, tell us, he has not heard what the man said.

Freddy Blay, thinks he is the smartest dude on earth, but what he does not know is that, he is exposing his folly. This is because the man who is selling a basket and the man who is buying the basket know that they cannot use it to store water.

What George Ayisi Boateng, said was despicable, he goofed big time and no amount words can mitigate what he said. Freddy Blay, must know that, the end does not always justify the means.

Here is a character whose political history is strewn with many unfilled gaps and yawning, after riding on the back of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), to parliament, he jumped ship and join the NPP, when he saw an opportunity.

He clandestinely, weaved himself into the psyche of the NPP, when he contested to be the Vice-chairman of the party. Like a worm, he has crawled himself to the very top, by ensuring that, Paul Afoko, was ousted.

His apparent deaf, and blind stance on issues that are known to even a toddler, is because of his intention to contest to be the chairman of the party. When right-thinking members of the society, saw everything wrong with the behavior of Delta 13, Freddy Blay, became their number one fan. He quickly flew to Kumas, to go and give them moral support, all in the bid to hoodwink the delegates of the party into voting for him.

Only a man with his thinking will go on air to defend what he has not heard. As an acting chairman, how do you agree to go on air to speak to an issue, when you are not properly apprised?

Freddy Blay has written the full epistle of his trajectory and Ghanaians are beginning to know the type of opportunistic worm that he is.

To be sure, I am not begrudging Freddy Blay to defend George Ayisi Boateng, neither am I questioning his right to treat the statements from the minority condemning the despicable act as propaganda. What I find nauseating is the indecent defense of a man, who does not deserve the appointment to represent this country.

The nefarious intents in what the High Commissioner said cannot be justified under any circumstance, the only person in Ghana, who saw nothing wrong in the obvious, excuse my language, buffoonery of George Ayisi Boateng.

He has apologized, albeit late, what will Freddy Blay say now? Perhaps we need an apology from him too.


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