What Is The Status Of Ghana Card Registration Exercise?

We wish to serve notice to the government, especially the National Identification Authourity (NIA) that, after the National ID Card Registration Exercise, we don’t want them to come and tell us that, they spent so much in promotion and advertisement.

This caution is necessary because the government told us in May this year that, it spent ¢3 million to market and publicize the national digital property addressing system, Ghana Post GPS, which crash landed, before it even took off

According to the deputy minister, George Andah, “The ¢9.4 million being spent on the national digital property addressing system has taken care of marketing and publicity so far, however, government may have to spend some more money on marketing and publicity.

“This is to ensure that every Ghanaians everywhere knows about the Ghana GPS and can have their digital address,” he added.

The Ghana Card Registration exercise, is also fated to fail, when government went back to parliament to strike out the Voters’ ID card from the list of national IDs required for the registration.

The NIA about a month or two ago, started the registration at some state institutions, including the flagstaff house, parliament, security services etc, that was the last we heard of the exercise.

This government is obsessed with figures that daze the ordinary Ghanaian; they have the penchant of big spending and asking for more, as we have heard in the case of the GhanaPost GPS.

As a media outfit, we find the apparent lack of publicity very worrying. The NIA, has budgeted an amount for awareness creation. People must know the status of the registration and where they are required to go in their locality to register.

Anytime the Electoral Commission (EC) embarks on registration exercise, notices are posted all over the country, especially at polling or registration centres.

It will not be lost on any Ghanaian, as to where to go and register or vote.

The NIA, so far has not done any of those, so notice is hereby served that, at the end of the exercise, Ghanaians, will reject any amount spent in publicity and marketing.



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