What Is The Real Problem With Our Electricity?


Since 1992, we have had periods and sometimes prolong months of Load Shedding, each time, with a different explanation, as to the reason for the need for the utility service provider to shed some load it continue to beat the mind of many.

All these while, Ghanaians have been patient and had endured the Load Shedding, all in the mist of occasional increases in utility prices.
It is said that it will get worse before it can get better, if this is the maxim that is driving the providers of electricity, we are sorry to tell them that Ghanaians think they have been through the worse of the worst situation. We cannot continue to glut in the fact that we are a middle-income country, when we cannot solve a human invention that is giving us problems.

Electricity, was invented by man and has been used by countries long before Ghana became Independent, whatever problems we are facing regarding generation and distribution is not beyond man to solved, so why is it that since 1992, the situation gets worse with every passing year?

The problem is getting out of hands, anytime Ghanaians heave a sigh of relief that the problem has been solved, they are hit with yet another worse situation than what have experienced before.

Every step we take forward, we take countless steps backwards. So in fact every two years of developments, takes us back to where we begun.
What could possibly be the problem with our electricity that cannot be solved, a lot of money has been sunk by successive governments into energy, yet the problem always seems elusive.

The United States of America (USA), the Peoples Republic of China, just to mention a few with all their population have been able to generate enough electricity to power their industries, perhaps these are over the board example, but if we want to be like them, we need to start thinking and acting like them.

They are human beings living in those countries; we certainly can do better than them, if only we can start thinking outside the box.
The sun we cannot create, nor can we create the moon, those are beyond our comprehension, but electricity we can generate.

Ghanaians are getting tired of the excuses giving by the providers to justify why within 72 hours, we get less than eight hours of power. As we go to the polls every four years to determine whether a President must continue in office or a new one should be voted in, we believe that we should start giving performance contract to Heads of these Institutions, to be justified after a certain period of time, only then can we get value for money, either than that they will always experience the anger of the powerless.

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