What Is The Ghana Health Service Investigating?

Most of our healthcare providers, are without conscience, they have lost the sense of compassion, because they are made to work under deplorable conditions and have seen and dealt with the worst of the worst.

Life, no longer means anything to them, we have all sucked every human feeling in them especially our leaders, whose responsibility it is to provide them, with the basic tools needed for work..

Not too long ago, when the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), went on strike to demand for codified conditions of service, if not they will resign enmasse, when Ghanaians appealed to them to return to work, because people were dying, the president of GMA, who has gone the way of all mortals, said “people die every day, whether they work or not”.

The phenomenon of ‘no bed’ at our hospitals, did not start today, if anything at all, it has become rampant, it is now, as if the hospitals are competing among themselves, as to which one can turn away more patients.

On a daily basis, patients who are already in pain, together with their families are made to go through excruciating pain.

Nothing can be more painful than watching a loved one lose their life right in front of your eyes and you know all the person needed was a little care or because a hospital, has refused to admit them.

According to Graphiconline.com, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has indicated that, it was going to investigate the death of a 70-year old man, who died in his son’s car at the Lekma Hospital, after he was refused admission at five different hospitals for lack of ‘bed’..

Putting together a committee to investigate, what we already know is a waste of scarce resources, which is much needed at our health facilities.

In the opinion of this paper, the government, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders must come out with a workable guideline that would be implemented at our health facilities.

The ambulance service must be retooled to enable it functioning properly. Our leaders, must also be prevailed upon to seek medical care in Ghana, whenever they are sick, that way, they will understand what the ordinary Ghanaian is going through and they will be compelled to fix the broken system.

Setting up a committee, would not solve the problem, if we do not have enough beds to accommodate the numbers, given that, the hospitals are short of essential staff and consumables.



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