What Is The Difference Between GBC And Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital?


These two very important state institutions have one thing in common, and it is simple, the employees are ungovernable.

Whilst, other state institutions declare dividends every year, these two cash cows or if you will, sleeping giants, have decided that, no Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Board of Directors, will be given space to run them efficiently and effectively.

The government, have over the years appointed CEOs from outside to head those institutions, and this many thought was the reason for the agitations.
For some time now, the appointments have been made from within, yet still the employees fail to see reason with those appointed, they find fault with everybody sent to steer the affairs of the institutions.

Never a month passes, with agitations from one of these institutions, which have failed to transform with time, even with changing trends in the world. Ghana Television (GTV) shows the same soap operas and telenovelas, other private Television stations show, instead of projecting our heritage.

Employees are so used to doing things the same way that, any attempt to introduce any new ideas is seen as a threat to their survival.

Why is it that, the only people who are the problem anytime, the employees are up in arms, are either the Board of Directors or the CEOs, it is about time for introspection and admission that, the head alone cannot be the problem and that for as long as they don’t see themselves as part of the problem, they would never be a solution.

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), is the biggest media house in Ghana, with the widest coverage, both in television and radio, with so many affiliates across the country, it should have been making money for the country, instead of the other way round. What is even the rational for the collection of TV License, when adverts alone are enough for the state broadcaster to rake in millions of Ghana cedis?

GBC, is in a position to pay its workers and must not be drawing salaries from the consolidated fund.

How many companies and institution owe them by way of advertising, how many have been declared bad debt, but yet has ended up in the pockets of the same workers, who are agitating for better working conditions.

The root cause of many of these problems in this country is that, workers stay at one place for so long and thus become the institutions themselves.
Transfer is only the preserve of those, who do not know any big man.

They create so many loopholes to exploit and so any attempt at reform, which will block those leaking holes, they will resist with so many excuses.

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, is also one institution, which is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, it employees, have never given a breathing space to anybody appointed to head the place.

Employees of these state agencies have become like ‘Konongo Kaya’, they won’t carry, and neither would they allow anybody else to.

If they don’t change and accept the reality before them that, the world is not waiting for them and that they can’t continue doing the same and expect different results, nobody will be able to run the institutions.

The lawlessness is becoming too much.

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