What Is General Nunoo–Mensah Ranting About?


Pregnancy, our people say is like a character, no matter how hard you try to hide it, it will definitely come out.

In his heart of heart, he knows where he belong, circumstances and this same ranting of a pampered child, is what led him to the stable of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), when he had to abandon the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Perhaps his is a test case that must inform future decisions by political parties, to openly and warmly welcome anybody, who for whatever reason decides to abandon a ship that he belong to, to join another, without any due diligence and background check.

Anybody, who belongs to a group and decides to leave the group, because of disagreement is not fit to be accepted into any other group. But sometimes for political capital and propaganda, principles are not adhered to, this is why we are where we are today, with the general thinking that he is the most sensible person in Ghana.

Not too long ago, the vintage Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah, making a grand illiterate entry at a ceremony to commission a nine unit classroom block for the Oreilly Senior High School in Accra, a project he personally funded remarked that “If you don’t want the job, Ghana is not a police state. Take your passports and get out of this country and don’t destroy the country for us; if you can’t sacrifice like what some of us have done, then get out. If the Kitchen is too hot for you, get out’’

That was the entrance of a man who’s happening on the political atmosphere was once described by a man who knew him very close as ‘the end of civilization’. His popularity soared albeit ignobly, after this unfortunate comment. He was the most sought after individual in the country by the media. Not that I agree with the attitude of workers, but I just think this should not be coming from him.

After this goof, the President, John Dramani Mahama, decided that if his National Security Advisor, could descend so low into the gutters, then he does not deserve to be anywhere close to him, he was reassigned to head the Human Security Department of the National Security.

General Nunoo Mensah, was no longer willing to recline in silence, hence he emerged like a bolt of lightning not just on the political space but on the Ghanaian society, jumping from every media house that has space for him, castigating everybody, including the Government, opposition, workers etc, but himself.

Speaking to the host of MORNING STARR on Starr 103.5 FM, the General said, ““I don’t think we are lazy; I think we lack good, strong, effective leaders.

“Nobody taught me at school, my father was a fisherman; my mother was selling plantain at the market, nobody was educated in my life to teach me,” he pointed out.

“I had to learn it myself, I had to teach my children, no teacher ever taught my children and I worked hard so I am not saying Ghanaians are lazy, Ghanaians are not properly guided. We are declining as a people,” the former Army Chief said.

Without sounding insolent, is the General telling all of us that when he was the Security Advisor to our late President, John Evans Atta Mills, this country was not sick, and can he honestly say that the late President Mills was an effective, strong and good leader?

Sometimes this is a debate that will not get us anywhere; it will only sow seeds of discord between people loyal to the former President Mills and President Mahama.

The General was a mishap waiting to happen, when the President decided to demote him from the position of Security Advisor to a mere head of Human Security of the National Security.

I think after his goof at Oreilly Secondary, the President realized that he was bereft of ideas; he stands to offer nothing the President wants both intellectually and mentally.

On Monday, listening to the General on Adom FM Morning Show, hosted by Captain Smart, General Nunoo Mensah, went on another trajectory of insanity, when he suggested that the President does not listen, he said without quoting him verbatim that the President was behaving like alligator, he doesn’t listen when he is advised.

The question I asked was, what has the General got to offer to the people of Ghana and what advice has he to give the President. This country will be worse off, if people like this will be the individauls advising our President.

Pride, ego and self centeredness prevented the General from realizing that his exploits would only be potent and last within the tenure of office of the former President John Evans Atta Mills.

Ghana is only fit for what it has represented ever since it was cobbled together by the Military despots, who terrorized us for so long, i.e. a den and roost for evil men and women, autocrats, and the clueless that misrepresent themselves as leaders are the same mentality informing the General’s behavior and utterances.

No one should even contemplate that General Nunoo Mensah, has any positive role to play in the Ghana project, he is overstayed his welcome and his relevance is waning by the day, that is why he is turned himself into an irritant who thinks it is the loudest voice that make sense.

It is disheartening and very annoying when individuals who for a very long time, has been the centre of attraction, not to realize that their days are over and that we now live in a new dispensation. Things are not and cannot be done in the old ways. Today’s war are different from the wars of yester years, it means the strategy must also be different.

How can we move forward, when the only voices the President hears are those from characters like General Nunoo Mensah. If he cares to know, he is the only person, who lost his position, when President Mahama took the oath of office on January 7, 2013. He should spare us his ranting, they are becoming boring.

I will end by asking who made a gift of a coat to Mr. Toad?

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