What Is Freddie Blay’s Interest In The $200 Million Chamber?


The Parliamentary Service Board, recently disclosed plans to build a new 450-seater chamber at the cost of $200 million.

The announcement was greeted with objection, as many Ghanaians from different walks of life, kicked against it.

The government, was also pushed into a corner to beat a retreat, distancing itself from having any knowledge of the intended project, despite amble evidence that, they were in it from day one.

The new chamber, whiles many saw it as a national embarrassment in the midst of myriad of problems, the national chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, decided to muddy the waters.

In a rather bizarre twist and an issue that even the Executive , has distanced itself, Freddie Blay, did not only state his opinion on the matter, but held a press conference to make nonsense of what the government, has said.

This newspaper is minded to ask what the interest of the chairman of a political party is, in an issue that has largely been accepted as one that has to do with the legislature.

Freddie Blay, told a pool of reporters that “Maybe we need to as it is, analyse it, interrogate it, and see the way forward if not today it will be tomorrow. It will have to happen.”

Whilst, this newspaper commends the resolution of the Parliamentary Service Board to suspend any plans to build a new chamber, we hasten to add that, political parties, whether in government or opposition, should stay off the activities of arms of government.

Ghanaians made their voices known, the sounds were clear, no chamber today, no chamber tomorrow. No one is going to entertain any idea of surreptitiously introducing it in the future, when we are not watching.

If Freddie Blay, has promised someone of building any chamber, or he has collected money from someone, which is obvious given his stance, he should kindly return the money or undo whatever promise he made.





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